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One of our new favorite bands from 2018 was Melbourne, Australias Civic. Here's a small e-mail interview with their bassplayer Tom who tells about their relation to past and present aussie punk, Brian Eno and how a good salmon should be cooked.

Cool new band: TAPEHEAD

Tapehead outta Rochester, New York plays fast, hard, dirty punkrock meets hc. Take a listen to their debut 7" on Cherish Records.

My Life Shot On Video

Turn Green

Discover the Black Panties

Members of Lumpy & the Dumpers - fast, Indiana-HC-punk! Think Lumpy, Coneheads. Great stuff! The wild saxophone takes this to higher grounds!

Go here to listen

Martin Savage Gang - Frustration 7"
Goodbye Boozy Records
MSG really hit their stride here! Great sounding thumper of a single! Two hits with "Frustration" being the potential dancefloor filler. MSG is the moniker now used by Martin Savage where he was gonna play all those old songs that never got enough airtime from the Blacks, Dixie Buzzards, Locomotions, Humans etc but soon MSG had enough new material to last. You still get some old timey faves live though. Check them out on their US tour starting november 29th in Brooklyn.

Makeouts - All About You 7"
Radio Obligato
We know the Makeouts sound by now. Happy garagerock owing some nods to the "older" sounds of the Black Lips, Jacuzzi Boys, Ty Segall.
Here they've really got two little hits and a great sound with a lot of punch. Great little 45 from our friend Radio Obligato.

Sista Bussen - Andra Världskriget Två 7"
KJK/7 Inch Records/Brun Himmel

Mother of god! Crazy, fucked up, superfast and stoopid fun! Sista Bussen's sophomore EP is even better than their first. "Jag Ska Ingenstans" was a great hit but "Andra Världskriget Två" is maybe even better and coupled with "Pissar Ner Mig" on the b-side it rolls over me like a tank. These guys do everything right. The sound (recorded on reel-to-reel in their rehearsal space) and the performance is perfect. Try to keep up when they put it in 11th gear. For fans of Henry Fiat's Open Sore, Los Ass-Draggers, Angry Samoans.



ANDROIDS OF MU - Blood Robots LP
Water Wing/Free Love

Originally released on Fuck Off records in 1979 this album is finally unleashed for the whole world to hear. Super cool postpunk sounds from the streets of west London circa late 70's. They were somehow associated with Hawkwind but I can't remeber where I read that at the moment. This LP contains some serious raw solid state guitar tone, love the guitar sounds. It's the aesthetic that makes you love this. It's experimental but still has catchy songs and it's all played sloppily but just good enough and with conviction. It clearly belongs to the postpunk era but still delivers both rock'n'roll and punk moves and then adds some freaky synth sounds on top. Another thing that I like about it is that it's totally free from reaggae and funk influences which a lot of bands from this time got into (read Gang of Four, Slits). Sure they do that ska guitar at times but always on the punk side of life. The inner sleeve tell the legend of the Androids of Mu. Great! Sleeve is really thick cardboard in black/white/red. Also includes lyric sheet with their amazing lyrics. How's this one for starters: "drag queen crazy scene what does it mean?". Fun, clever and good at the same time! (Martin)  

HEAVY LIDS - Gravity Reversed/This Horse 7"
Pelican Pow Wow

New one from the big easy's premiere label Pelican Pow Wow. This band features more members from Static Static (also see Smelly Tongues) as well as Detonations, Sex Hunter and Die Rotzz (see below) etc. Recorded by Quintron himself at the Spellcaster Lounge! There's two guitars, a bass and an organ all playing the same punkriff, sometimes with one guitar doing a lead thing. This amounts to some monotonous, hard driving punk. Drummer's super tight and avoiding fills att all costs. The vocals are mean. This goes for both sides of this 7" and they're both great. The sleeve is really nice in gray, black, white and red. 

Go Ape Records

These guys, = Die Rotzz, have been around forever. They've even been to my house!! They're more like a 90's punk band to me. Loud and fast and lo-fi and in your face. I prefer the second song, Rott & Roll, which has a King Louie kinda twist to it. The Bastard Sons I don't know anything about but they do even more lo-fi punk that is rooted in the '77 diy aestethic with fake british accent (or maybe they are british?!). Not bad at all. And great rip-off of the Ace Records logo for all you New Orleans r'n'b enthusiasts. (Martin)

Sacred Bones

Latest from Ryan and gang and the first Destruction Unit LP I've heard with this line-up. Triple guitars, bass and pounding drums. Only heard the first single and the stuff with Jay and Alicja of Lost Sounds etc.) before. This is definitely a different band in all senses but still you can hear a kinship in the songwriteing with the earlier synt-punk ramalama. Deep trip features eight songs of spaced-out psychedelic garagepunk. There's a wall of guitars using delay and other effects and beneath all that there's usually a punkriff skeleton. There's some slow moments too and the shift from fast to slow owe a lot to metal. It's dark and the vocals are post-punk sounding and buried in the mix. It's inbetween Puffy Areolas and  Human Eye kind of to compare it to two contemporary bands. The Last song Night Lone deliver some fine Stooges riffing ala Funhouse. This album is solid through and through but my faves are the one's with Ryan's voice a bit louder like on Control the Light and the beautiful and slow Bumpy Road. It's definitely best enjoyed through headphones though so you get all the fine nuances of the noise. That is no joke. It was recorded at Vacation Island in Brooklyn and the sound is absolutely great. Don't be late. They're fuckin' brutal live so be sure to catch them if you have the chance. But get this LP first cuz you'll enjoy the show even more. (Martin)

DESTRUCTION UNIT - Two Strong Hits 7"
Suicide Squeeze

These two songs were supposedly recorded at the same time as the above LP and they definitely have the same sound. A-side Sonic Pearl is exactly that, a sonic pearl!. The core is a fast punk riff with guitarlayers on top. Buried in all that Ryan's vocals have a dark twist that owe a lot to Ian Curtis. B-side Nightfall follow the same formula but is even more intense with a more defined chorus. Sonic punk psychedelia. Maybe not amazing in itself but a great companion to Deep Trip. (Martin)


Urinal Cake

The Victim of Time website don't do many reviews anymore but when they do write about something it's not a bad idea to check it out cuz it's usually good. That's how I found out about this band supposedly featuring ex-members of the Red Aunts, Druid Perfume, Pirahnas, Static Static etc. (for the whole list go here.) It's out on Urinal Cake, a label to keep your eyes on cuz they're putting out some great stuff. To me Smelly Tongues are like an In The Red type of band the way they came late 90's and early 2000's and it's great. Like noisy indie rock type stuff (think Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore) but rooted in the raw garage circa now. They're atonal and raw with a twin guitar attack but deliver a bunch of memorable hooks too. Male and fellme trade-off vocals lift it even higher. Recorded by Monty Buckles of the Lamps fame. Oh yeah, and the bass is distorted too. Gotta go to work now. (Martin)

Total Punk

I heard through the grapevine that this was supposed to be good. People were talking about it. With so many records coming out right now it's hard to know which ones to pick. Total Punk have a high quality when it comes to all their releases but they are all also steeped in the same format and that can be a bit tedious sometimes. I understand it though cuz this is ceratinaly the era of niche-ing yourself. Anyway, the Sleaze are definitely one of the satnd-out records. The fi is low but perfect for this kind of punk and an eight track 45 rpm LP is the perfect format. The Sleaze got the songs and they're smart enough not to play them too fast but what really makes this great is the singer's kind of laid back snottines and the lead guitar that delivers some awesome melodies. It doesn't bother with 1977 too much either which makes it fell like now. You get the title track in a synth-driven version as the last song. Great. (Martin) 

TALBOT ADAMS - Red Diamonds/Not Even Europe 7"

Latest from Talbot Adams who's been in numerous southern rock'n'roll bands including Dutch Masters, Black & Whites, Jenny Jeans, Darkest Hours, the Preacher's Kids and even the mighty Royal Pendletons. His first solo release came out on Douchemaster in 2010 (which I haven't heard) and now here's a new one where mr Adams plays all the instruments himself. The fidelity is great and both songs have a home-made bedroom recording type feel. These are two really nice well-crafted pop songs and if pop in a home-made bedroom format is your thing you need to check it out. (Martin)

Not Good Enough/Pink Panther Theme 7" WackyWacko/Rhinestone

Yes, Q and Miss P's got a new 7" out. Seems to be a co-release between Wacky Wacko and their own Rhinestone label. Sleeveless but comes in pink (panther) vinyl. A-side's the original and I must admit that it didn't grab me at first. It's kinda slow and andt I thought it wasn't much of a hit and that's the kind of thing you want on a 7" from Quintron. But with repeated listens it soon dawned on me how catchy the chorus really is and after a while you start to groove with the slow tempo. It's the kind of song where you want a video with one cool girl who walks through the neighbourhood and more and more people join her until they're a cool gang. In slow motion. Know what I mean? It's that great. The flippety-flop is a jazzy organexquisite take on the Pink Panther theme. Tada-da-da-da-da etc. I've been to two parties (one in New Orleans and one in Stockholm) where the crowd grooved to this already so you know you need it if you wanna be hip. Brah!

First Recordings Vol 1 the 1990s 7"


Oh yeah, baby! This is supposed to be the Pendletons first recordings from '92 or '93. 20 years ago! How many times have we (thee Savage bros.) blasted the "Sore Losers" 7" and people have gone crazy. King Louie behind the drum kit. Those were the days! Even before we got onto the scene. Anyways, these recordings were thought to be destroyed, at least that's what it says on the sleeve. On the first side they do a highly spirited take of "Double Shot Of My Baby's Love" and b-side is a raw version of "What A Way To Die". The Royal Pendletons were the ultimate frat party band and I for one woldn't have mind having been at a party in an old victorian house in New Orleans in the early 90's watching the Pendletons tear it up like they do here. This is New Orleans history ladies and gentlemen! (Martin)

THE GREAT UNWASHED - Clean Out Of Our Minds LP

This one came out a while ago. David and Hamish Kilgour who were in the Clean recorded this right after the Clean broke up the first time in 1983. That's what the sticker on the front says. It also says it's a four-track bedroom psych-pop masterpiece. I guess that means it wasn't recorded in a proper studio but in someone's home (says it was recorded at Helen Kilgour's house). Most of the Savage-readers are probably familiar with the Clean I would guess, and if not it's easy to google them and know everything in five minutes so I won't get into that. The description on the sticker is pretty spot on however with the emphasis on pop because what this really is is a great pop album even though there definitely are some psych influences. The bedroom four-track label might put people off thinking it's some lo-fi stuff but the fidelity really is great and the home-made feel suits it perfectly. The sound, songs and sleeve (especially the back) on this album are just perfect and makes you wanna just go out and get a four-track and record something like this yourself. In my world that's the greatest thing, a record that inspires you to do something yourself. B-side has the hits "What You Should Be Now" and "Hold Onto The Rail". Beautiful. (Martin)

POPPETS - Steal It Like A Thief LP
I saw this tv-show yesterday with a bunch of famous Swedish artists who talked about how to mature musically when you get older. That's a stupid cocept to me because usually it means getting softer and having acoustic guitar. Oh, they got a more mature sound on this album... But think about all them old blues guys who are 80 years old and play really primitive stuff. Aren't they mature? What I'm trying to say is that there must be other ways to be mature than to have a clean sound and acoustic guitars on your second or third album. 
    Poppets don't have any acoustic guitars on their second album but I think they have matured a tiny bit and done it in a good way. They still have the same low fidelity and write the same kind of songs but the big difference here is they write better songs with better hooks. Total sugar pop lo-fi explosion! The LP plays on 45 rpm and there's 9 songs. Perfect for a band like Poppets. Favorite tracks are "Steal It Like A Thief" with it's Modern Lovers-esque organ solo. This is a hit! "Doomed City" is a ballad of sorts and it's real pretty. I'm gald they slowed down their songs a bit, it suits them well. Nice sleeve too. (Martin)

NOTS - s/t 7" EP
New Memphis band that ripped it up at the Buccaneer after-party at this year's Gonerfest. Members are also in Ex-Cult, Manatees and Moving Finger (see below). Four raw slabs of noisy punkrock with just the right amount of 1977, 1979 and 2013. Kind of repetetive with a driving bass, primal tom tom drumming and the recording has the right fidelity. Really glad Goner is putting out 7"s with new Memphis bands. They always serve great raw vinyl steaks at their bbqs and this one is no exception.


More new Memphis raw-assed rock'n'roll. A-side serve up two punkers with a psych-twist. "Smokin The Crack Of Dawn" is the hit with it's slow creepy repetetive riff and Persuaders-style solo guitar moves. The other track P.O.W./M.I.A. is just shorter and faster. B-side is one long fucked-up tune that's got delay freak-outs. Kinda like if the Persuaders decided to go psychedelic. I think that's a fucked-up trumpet too. It's got everything this one! Members are also in Ex-cult and Nots.

EX-CULT - Mister Fantasy/ Through The Blinds 7"

Ex.Cult were fuckin' great and tight as hell at Gonerfest. Hope they can get to Europe and Sweden soon. First 7" after their well-recieved debut LP. Fans won't be dissapointed with this new one. To me Ex-Cults sound can be described as a garage/punk backbone with a layer of post-punk, some noisy elements and a singer coming straight outta the hardcore backyard (the good kind). "Mister Fantasy" is faster but my favorite this time is the slow and kinda creepy "Through The Blinds". The lyrics are printed on the sleeve so you can sing along to these two hits. Recorded by Doug Easley. (Martin)

Holodeck Survivor/Not Getting Stabbed 7" (Total Punk)

Sloppy punk from New Orleans. How can you pass on that? Buck and the boys do that sloppy thing really well. The a-side come really close to the first Persuaders 7" (Y'know the one with Hot Stix etc.) and that's one of my all-time faves. Raunchy, sloppy and not too fast punkrock. B-side is not as hot but still a winner. I think Holodeck Survivor might be my favorite Buck Biloxi track thus far. 

BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS - Shithole Boys/Tea Party split w/ GIORGIO MURDERER - Theme From Star Trek/I Need My Shit (Holotrash)
Buck Biloxi deliver two new turds and don't stray far from their formula. Actually they don't even move an inch and instead pee and puke exactly where they stand. Is that good? Yeah, of course it it is. Total regression. Not as hot as the Total Punk 7" but if you like 'em you won't get dissapointed. 
     Giorgio Murderer (what a great name!) deliver two dumb synthinfused sloppy lo-fi punkers. If you even thought about buying this 7" in the first place you won't get dissapointed however if you're only gonna buy one Buck Biloxi 7" this year (and how stupid is that!) I would go for the Total Punk one. (Martin)

Merge Records

It's been a while (6 years I think) since the Shrines put out their last album. To be honest, even though I'm a huge fan of the band as a live act, I haven't cared too much for their records since that amazing debut partyalbum on Voodoo Rhythm "Three Hairs and You're Mine". On that album they created an amazing mix of soul and garagerock blended just right with a good amount of frenzy. After that they ventured a bit into funk and psychadelia which didn't impress me too much. Now they're back again in 2013 with an album on the relatively big Merge Records. 
     "Idle No More" takes it's cues from the 60's in various shapes and upon first listen you realise they really took their time writing good songs. As a whole this album's real solid and in some ways it reminds me of the Black Lips latest album "Arabia Mountain". Solid well-produced garage rock. You can tell they had a bigger budget recording it. It really has a soft kind of sound but it works well. There's a couple of light-psychedelic garage songs, some more rooted in soul. The ones that I think work best are the ballads with "Pray For Lil" as my fave one. This is a nice little album that'll get you in a good mood. (Martin)


ELECTRIC EELS - Agitated 7” (Agitated Records)
Yes, finally a repress of this fantastic classic! “Agitated” is so backwards, and angry and amazing. This belongs in everyone’s collection. A true masterpiece. Agitated (the label) has done a great job too, looks and plays great! (Thomas)

F.U.2 –Punk Rock LP (1-2-3-4 Go!) So the story goes that this guy called Terry Clemson put together a studioband to record a punk LP probably around 1977 or thereabouts under the name of F.U.2  and enlisted some members from the Downliners Sect. Through the years people have called it the secret Sect album however as Clemson states in the liners, it never was. Anyway, a description like the Downliners Sect writing punkrock songs and playing punkrock is not really far off the mark. Really simple punk riffs but riffs that are definitely grounded in the 60’s and the harp really adds some spice. Elements of the album also have a feel of modern garage rock. Maybe it’s that mix of the 60’s and 70’s sounds. ”Mean Evil Child” is my favorite but this album is fun and solid. ”I’m born to be wild cuz I’m a mean evil child” kinda says it all really. (Martin)

GINO & THE GOONS - S/t 12” (SunWray Records)Incredibly charming and backwardsthinking lo-fidelity garagepunk! Think Supercharger and you’re close. Impossible to not like, good songs and great sound! Limited to 300 copies so act fast! (Thomas)

GOLDEN PELICANS - S/t 7” (Total Punk)
Great garagerock with tons of energy and nice hooks. “Jump in a lake” is a hit! Think this is Rich who does Total Punk’s band. Check ‘em out I’m pretty sure you won’t be sorry if you like raw-sounding, pummeling punkrock. (Thomas)

Fantastic LP of what is now said to be a defunct band (but one listed show in NYC in April, so there might be a chance!) Hard to describe their sound, kinda like Black Flag but covered by Teengenerate.. I dunno! It’s fucking great is what it is. Must not be passed by! (Thomas)

HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS – Go Home LP (Toxic State)This LP was on a lot of best of 2012 lists from the Terminal Boredom staff so I got a bit curious. I listened to a track on the ’net but it didn’t really get me going and I didn’t think I’d really like it cuz I haven’t been getting off on that kind of punk lately. Like that Video LP for example. I never could get really into it. Anyway, my brotha played me a track from the LP which I liked so I bought it anyway and boy, is this great!. The only way to describe it is that it’s hardcore for garagepunks. Totally sparse tough lyrics that are delivered with a snotty and still a don’t-take-it-too-seriously attitude. 10 songs that spin on 45 rpms. Short records rule and also sleeves that aren’t printed on the glossy side. You also get a poster. Great package, great songs, great band, great record! They kinda make New York feel tough again and that’s quite a feat!!  (Martin)

NATURAL CHILD – Hard In Heaven LP (Burger)Ouch! This album’s pretty great. These three guys from Nashville or thereabouts got the boogie. Total Creedence, Rolling Stones worship but still coming out of the garage in a great way. They got the chops that’s for sure cuz they play just the right amount of notes to keep things good. In some way I feel this is related to the Clap album in vibe or maybe the Neckbones to name a moder band. There’s only nine songs on this LP but that’s not too much and just enough to keep it interesting all the way through. A couple of rockers, a few slow numbers, a soul-infected stomper and to top it all off a fantastic country rambler in the best Gram Parson style. And they have that snotty, good-time, respectless (in a good way) relation to their influences which keeps this punk in spirit. The sound is perfect too.  I love it! (Martin)

PAINT FUMES - Uck Life LP (Slovenly)It's been said that these guys are going for a 90's vibe a'la the Crypt sound I guess.. They do it pretty good too, production and soundwise this is cool. What's lacking a little is the songwriting. This album is leaps and bounds better than their debut 7" though, so they're definitely going in the right direction. Thinking this is a little more Demon's Claws in vibe this time, which is always cool. For fans of the aforementioned bands and lofi punkrock in general. (Thomas)

TACO LEG - Printed Gold 7” (Richie Records)
Been hearing good stuff about these Aussies and this sounds pretty damn cool. Weird, off-kilter and cool. Much like locals like UV Race for example. On Richie so you know it’s sell out sooner rather than later. (Thomas)


Nobunny will have a new record out on Goner Records this Spring.

Europe will finally get to see the Hex Dispensers again! September can't come soon enough!

Trouble In Mind Records will be curating a stage at the Liverpool Psych Fest in September 2013. Look forward to a joint Maston/Mmoss/Resonars tour of Europe.

Hey! Savage is back, at least on the Internet for now. New reviews, an interview with Peter Greenberg and to start it all off here’s some music news for you.
A worthwhile read

Check out Rick Coraccio’s (DMZ, Lyres) journal where he writes about his time in both DMZ and the Lyres: A great companion to the Peter Greenberg interview.

New records

Jeffery Novak and Royal Headache on Matadors singles club 2013.

Human Eye releases new album in 2013. Check out old but cool interview with Timmy V. made by Eric Davidson here

Oblivians new album ”Desperation” is due out on In The Red soon. Check out interview with Eric here:

New reissues

Superior Viaduct reissues 100 Flowers (ex-Urinals) s/t debut album and Martin Rev’s debut album February 5th. At the same time they reissue the Sleepers 1978 punk 7” EP ”Seventh World”. Check out all of their releases at

Captured Tracks to reissue Flying Nun’s back catalog on vinyl. First release will be a double-LP retrospective of Toy Love who recently had a live LP released on Goner.


An interview with Peter Greenberg of Barrence Whitfield and the Savages, Lyres, DMZ and the Custom spanning his whole career. It was made in 2012. Enjoy!

REVIEWS January 15 2013


Back in the early 00’s I was dying to hear this band. All you could get was one track on a split 7” from a magazine called Pinball if I remeber correctly. To have James Arthur (then ex-Fireworks, Necesarry Evils), Eric Oblivian (well, you know) and Forrest Hewes (Neckbones) in the same band was something that could not go wrong to me. Why these recordings never came out at the time I have no idea because this is great stuff. Reminds me a bit of the Bad Times LP (Eric, Jay and Louie) but with a notch better (and just perfect) fidelity. They cover some Australian garage punkers but they mix well with the originals. Didn’t realise I miss this kind of music but I do. Raw, noisey garage punk without bass of course!  Also really like the format of nine tracks on a 45 rpm LP. It’s just enough for a band like the Legs and it makes it real loud. Great sleeve too. Definitely one you should get. (Martin)

A BURNING BUS - Anti b/w Paranoia Paradise 7” (Harvest)

Don (Bassholes, Gibson Bros) Howland’s back with a new version of his old outfit Burning Bush and man is he inspired. “Anti” is a scuzzfest that doesn’t let up for 5 minutes and “Paranoia Paradise” (written by Wayne County) is a fast punker that fits the band perfectly. Hightly recommended! (Thomas)

AMERICAN SUN - American Sun/Poor Girl
b/w Indian Morning 7” (Self-released)

Bought this from SS Records some time ago and I figured a self-released 7” like this needs any exposure it can get. Forgot to listen to it for a while but now that it’s back at my turntable I realise it’s pretty great. Slow and moody garage rock indebted to Dead Moon with a bit of a 90’s alternative feel as well. They seem to be from New York. Great sound. (Martin)

BARBARAS - 2006-2008 LP (Goner)

Shortlived Memphis all-star band whose members went on to be in Jay Reatard's band, the Magic Kids and the Boston Chinks. They only did one 7", which is included here, and which is prolly their best but this whole album is nice and it's nice to finally have it out. Great garagepop, some great songs some okay stuff but overall a really nice alb. I really dig it. (Thomas)

BLACK LIPS - Live at Third Man LP (Third Man)

Lots of new songs off their latest, and pretty good, album in really nice livesound. If you’ve seen the Black Lips live you know how they sound and this is pretty close to being there, you can just pretend they’re playing in another room. Anyways, they’re a great liveband and of course they should have some livealbums out. Wouldn’t say this is necessary but it’s nice. (Thomas)

CHEATER SLICKS - Reality Is a Grape LP
(Columbus Discount)

Oomph! What a way to knock it out of the park, record of the year? I think it might be.. At least songs of the year in “Hold On to Your Soul” which really struck home with me, and “Current Reflection”. Thank you! (Thomas)

DANCER - S/t 7” (Daggerman Records)

Good thing I didn’t hold my breath waiting for something new from any ex-Box Elders cause that sure took it’s time, but here’s a lifesign in the form of Jeremiah and Dancer. Hits all the right notes from start to finish, especially “On the Run”. Don’t sleep on this! (Thomas)

DANNY and the DARLEANS - Don’t Ask The Qustion b/w You’re Driving Me Insane 7” (Nero’s Neptune)

Hup! It’s Dan Kroha of the Gories and Demolition Doll Rods!! New records by Cheater Slicks, Don Howland, Dan Kroha and soon the Oblivians… What’s going on?! Mr Kroha’s new outfit is a real nice garage trio with bass, guitar and drums. Two covers on this one. A-side’s by someone named Powell (tried to google it but only got hits on Collin Powell!) and b-sides’s a pre-Velvets Lou Reed number. Danny’s got his snotty nasal voice intact and the Darleans dish out som danceable garage rhythms. It’s good. (Martin)

DRUID PERFUME - S/t LP (Urinal Cake Records)

This has been out for  long time now but I just think this band is so overlooked I’m gonna review it anyway. Unfortunately I think this is their last release and that they already called it quits. Druid Perfume are from the Detroit area and feature ex-members of the Pirahnas and this is their third LP. They play jazz-punk, sax-punk or we might just as well call it skronk-punk. A lot of saxophone and twisted rhythms that are definitely jazz influenced. Captain Beefheart, I would guess, is a heavy influence for this band but it’s definitely punk in feel. Once you make it through all the skronkiness it’s also damn catchy. The overall sound of this and especially the vocals is definitely an aquired taste but if you make it through to the other side there’s a great reward for you! Would have been great to see them live. (Martin)

EX-CULT - S/t LP (Goner Records)

Very nice, the a-side’s blowing me away but kudos to a pretty good b-side too. These guys didn’t surprise me this much live or on previous releases (as Sex Cult). Can’t wait to give them another shot live! Good work Ty Segall on production! (Thomas)

FIGURES OF LIGHT - Drop Dead CD (Norton Records)

The world found out about the Figures Of Light a few years ago when Norton reissued their debut 7” from 1972. A proto-punk garage gem that had been hidden from the world for ages. Then the band released a whole LP with material including that first 7”, some other vintage recordings  mixed with new stuff. I’m sure there were more people than me who didn’t believe the new stuff would cut it but it actually sounded great and not at all different from the 70’s recordings. So now, here’s the first album with all new recordings and it’s definitely a more cohesive record than the first one. Produced by Mick Collins (Gories, Dirtbombs) and the band is backed up by Collins och guitar, Miriam Linna (Cramps, A-bones) on drums and Marcus ”The Carcass”  Natale on bass. The team crank out some really cool primitive garage punk. Mick Collins gets the sound just right and his guitar really lift the songs. The Figures Of Light really know what was good about their music in the first place and don’t try to complicate things that are best left simple and primal. The stanout track to me is definitely ”World Of Pain” where they get a nasty repetitious Cheater Slicks vibe going. My only complaints is that sometimes the songs tend to drag out for a bit too long and they could have easily skipped a couple of tracks to get a more solid whole I think. That’s just small stuff though because it’s a really good album and people who dig that primal garage thud should definitely check it out. (Martin)


This is about half a year old by now but it’s good enough to remind you about it. The Happy Thoughts used to be Eric and the Happy Thoughts and released some 7”s and tapes and these songs were on those releases albeit in different recordings I think. The Happy Thoughts play minimalist pop music in a garage setting. Drums, bass, a cheesy and scrappy japanese-sounding guitar and witty, smart down-to-earth lyrics. That’s all they need because they write great songs and the fragility of the whole thing just adds to the charm. It’s really no point in picking out any certain songs because it’s pretty much like a collection of hits. When I got it I played it for a week straight and then totally forgot about it for a while but everytime I put it on it makes me happy. Just like a great pop record. (Martin)

LAMPS - Under the Ground, Under the Water LP
(In the Red Records)

What a party these guys throw! Been waiting a while for this, their 3rd LP and it’s gotta be their best yet. Fucking dangerous and loud and wild and just lovable! Shit, this thing is unbelievable! Get this! (Thomas)

PUFFY AREOLAS - 1982: Dishonorable Discharge LP (HoZac)

Puffy Areolas are back and this time on HoZac out of Chicago (last one was on Siltbreeze). They’ve also got a new drummer which is one of my favorite drummers Bim Thomas (Bassholes, Obnox). His trademark style is all over this LP! The Areolas choice of punk sound like a noisey take on early harcore mixed with garage noise and stomped in a repetitive hazy fury. Yes, a bit of psychedelics thrown in as well as some Stooges ”Funhouse” somewhere. It might be an aquired taste but i really like it. Love the saxophone skronk on ”Funk Your Head Up”. This album is really cohesive and a great buy so if you think you might like it go out and get it! (Martin)


PSYCHOSURGEONS - Horizontal Action 7”  (Crypt Records)

Great to see Crypt jumping on the 70’s punk reissue train, especially when it’s this great. Like Razar this is a mush have so just make sure to get it! Sweet, amazing punkrock from down under. (Thomas)

RAZAR - Stamp Out Disco 7” (Sing Sing Records)

It’s been a great year for reissues where Sing Sing sure did their part, now if we could only get more stuff like this and less powerpop. Razar is essential listening! Great fucking punkrock! (Thomas)

THE SCIENTISTS - E.P. (Agitated)

Agitated Records is sneaking up from behind and they’re putting out some cool reissues. This time it’s the second 7” from Australias the Scientists (they also did their first but it’s out of print) and it’s an EP with four songs. This was before the Scientists went into the swamp when they did raw, poppy and catchy garage-music. Maybe a bit like the Real Kids with the sound of the Saints but there’s also som Thunders-sounds as well as a bit of an 80s garage feel. Originally it came out in 1979 and has been reissued on other formats a few times. I love this! ”Last Night” starts the EP and it’s a super catchy number which is followed by the stonsey ”Bet Ya Lyin”. ”It’s For Real” and ”Pissed On Another Planet” on the flip are equally great while maybe not as instant. Yay! (Martin)

V/A - JUKEBOX MAMBO DBL LP (Jazzman Records)

Rhythm & blues infused by latin and rumba flavour. Not bad if I may say so! Had a couple of the cuts on here but most of them are new to me and the ones I did have are put into a new context making them even better. Great compilation and it comes with a great, hefty booklet explaining and contextualizing the whole latin r&b movement. Think Jungle Exotica or the Lavender Jungle taking on regular rhythm & blues and the result would maybe be something like this. Do the rumba! (Thomas)


An interview from Savage #4, ca '98. One of the best bands ever!
Read more>>


Push My Buttons and Skrammel are each releasing a brand new LP by RAS (featuring members from Henry Fiat's Open Sore and the Manikins).Great new punkrock in Swedish with a very hateful attitude towards, well, everything.

Order both LPs including shipping worldwide for $38 us / 30 euro.

Both LPs + their debut 7" (also on PMB) for $42 us / 33 euro.

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listen to one song here


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