NOTS - s/t 7” EP GonerNew Memphis band that ripped it up at the Buccaneer after-party at this year’s Gonerfest. Members are also in Ex-Cult, Manatees and Moving Finger (see below). Four raw slabs of noisy punkrock with just the right amount of 1977, 1979 and 2013. Kind of repetetive with a driving bass, primal tom tom drumming and the recording has the right fidelity. Really glad Goner is putting out 7”s with new Memphis bands. They always serve great raw vinyl steaks at their bbqs and this one is no exception.

MOVING FINGER - s/t 7” Goner More new Memphis raw-assed rock’n’roll. A-side serve up two punkers with a psych-twist. “Smokin The Crack Of Dawn” is the hit with it’s slow creepy repetetive riff and Persuaders-style solo guitar moves. The other track P.O.W./M.I.A. is just shorter and faster. B-side is one long fucked-up tune that’s got delay freak-outs. Kinda like if the Persuaders decided to go psychedelic. I think that’s a fucked-up trumpet too. It’s got everything this one! Members are also in Ex-cult and Nots.

EX-CULT - Mister Fantasy/ Through The Blinds 7” Goner Ex.Cult were fuckin’ great and tight as hell at Gonerfest. Hope they can get to Europe and Sweden soon. First 7” after their well-recieved debut LP. Fans won’t be dissapointed with this new one. To me Ex-Cults sound can be described as a garage/punk backbone with a layer of post-punk, some noisy elements and a singer coming straight outta the hardcore backyard (the good kind). “Mister Fantasy” is faster but my favorite this time is the slow and kinda creepy “Through The Blinds”. The lyrics are printed on the sleeve so you can sing along to these two hits. Recorded by Doug Easley. (Martin)