You’ve been around as a band since the early 80’s right– what would you say is the big difference between now and then?

CDs and the internet. Plus there’s a lot of stuff bands would swear to never do then that they do without thinking twice now, like video and commercial endo

How come you’ve been sticking around for so long? It’s quite a feat..

Ahhh….quitting is for quitters. Actually, there’s not much else I’d rather do.

Tell me about how you got started and what it was like..what were some of the bands that you started out playing with for instance?

I was barely a teenager in about 1973-74 and I was in a trio called The Stepping Stones - two guitars and drums - we used to play the hits of the day (like “Rocky Mountain Way” by Joe Walsh, “Smokin’ In The Boys’ Room” by Brownsville Station and stuff like that and easy 60s garage stuff like “Wild Thing” and “Hang On Sloopy” (and “Stepping Stone”). I didn’t want to sing lead, but the other two guys didn’t want to sing lead so I had to do it. So in exchange for having to sing I got to boss them around. We played at a couple of birthday parties and in people’s backyards and stuff.

Moving up til now - who’s in the band?

Right now there’s me on guitar and vocals, Laurence Museum Of Death on rhythm guitar, JJ Champion on bass and Ryan Guitar Murphy on drums.

You’ve been kind of busy and definitely had an upswing of interest in the last few years..with tons of singles, reissues, new cds, euro-tours etc - How do you think that came about?

I decided to work harder than I used to. I’m a very sleepy person and I need to be motivated. I’ve been drinking energy drinks lately and that’s helped.

Have you been over to europe before the tour in 2004?

We were in Europe in 2002, but we never made it to Scandanavia. It was pretty much Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic.

How was Europe compared to the US?

Much different. European beer is much better-tasting than our weak-kneed American barley pop.

What other bands on the scene today do you feel closer to, or just like as a fan?

I like older stuff these days. I wish new bands well, but I’m too old to like much new stuff. I’m an old stick-in-the-mud.

What’t the upcoming future look like for MOTO?

We will be busy - we’ve been in the studio recording and mixing songs for upcoming releases, including a 7″ for Savage Recordings. Then we hope to tour extensively!

Anything else you want to share with the readers?

The Bush administration is our national shame. On behalf of all Americans, we apologize to the world. And when in doubt, rock your brain off!