BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS - Holodeck Survivor/Not Getting Stabbed 7” (Total Punk) Sloppy punk from New Orleans. How can you pass on that? Buck and the boys do that sloppy thing really well. The a-side come really close to the first Persuaders 7” (Y’know the one with Hot Stix etc.) and that’s one of my all-time faves. Raunchy, sloppy and not too fast punkrock. B-side is not as hot but still a winner. I think Holodeck Survivor might be my favorite Buck Biloxi track thus far.

BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS - Shithole Boys/Tea Party split w/ GIORGIO MURDERER - Theme From Star Trek/I Need My Shit (Holotrash) Buck Biloxi deliver two new turds and don’t stray far from their formula. Actually they don’t even move an inch and instead pee and puke exactly where they stand. Is that good? Yeah, of course it it is. Total regression. Not as hot as the Total Punk 7” but if you like ‘em you won’t get dissapointed.       Giorgio Murderer (what a great name!) deliver two dumb synthinfused sloppy lo-fi punkers. If you even thought about buying this 7” in the first place you won’t get dissapointed however if you’re only gonna buy one Buck Biloxi 7” this year (and how stupid is that!) I would go for the Total Punk one. (Martin)