DESTRUCTION UNIT - Deep Trip LP Sacred Bones

Latest from Ryan and gang and the first Destruction Unit LP I’ve heard with this line-up. Triple guitars, bass and pounding drums. Only heard the first single and the stuff with Jay and Alicja of Lost Sounds etc.) before. This is definitely a different band in all senses but still you can hear a kinship in the songwriteing with the earlier synt-punk ramalama. Deep trip features eight songs of spaced-out psychedelic garagepunk. There’s a wall of guitars using delay and other effects and beneath all that there’s usually a punkriff skeleton. There’s some slow moments too and the shift from fast to slow owe a lot to metal. It’s dark and the vocals are post-punk sounding and buried in the mix. It’s inbetween Puffy Areolas and  Human Eye kind of to compare it to two contemporary bands. The Last song Night Lone deliver some fine Stooges riffing ala Funhouse. This album is solid through and through but my faves are the one’s with Ryan’s voice a bit louder like on Control the Light and the beautiful and slow Bumpy Road. It’s definitely best enjoyed through headphones though so you get all the fine nuances of the noise. That is no joke. It was recorded at Vacation Island in Brooklyn and the sound is absolutely great. Don’t be late. They’re fuckin’ brutal live so be sure to catch them if you have the chance. But get this LP first cuz you’ll enjoy the show even more. (Martin)

DESTRUCTION UNIT - Two Strong Hits 7” Suicide Squeeze

These two songs were supposedly recorded at the same time as the above LP and they definitely have the same sound. A-side Sonic Pearl is exactly that, a sonic pearl!. The core is a fast punk riff with guitarlayers on top. Buried in all that Ryan’s vocals have a dark twist that owe a lot to Ian Curtis. B-side Nightfall follow the same formula but is even more intense with a more defined chorus. Sonic punk psychedelia. Maybe not amazing in itself but a great companion to Deep Trip. (Martin)