Martin Savage Gang - Frustration 7” Goodbye Boozy Records
MSG really hit their stride here! Great sounding thumper of a single! Two hits with “Frustration” being the potential dancefloor filler. MSG is the moniker now used by Martin Savage where he was gonna play all those old songs that never got enough airtime from the Blacks, Dixie Buzzards, Locomotions, Humans etc but soon MSG had enough new material to last. You still get some old timey faves live though. Check them out on their US tour starting november 29th in Brooklyn. (Thomas)

Makeouts - All About You 7” Radio Obligato
We know the Makeouts sound by now. Happy garagerock owing some nods to the “older” sounds of the Black Lips, Jacuzzi Boys, Ty Segall. Here they’ve really got two little hits and a great sound with a lot of punch. Great little 45 from our friend Radio Obligato. (Thomas)

Sista Bussen - Andra Världskriget Två 7” KJK/7 Inch Records/Brun Himmel
Mother of god! Crazy, fucked up, superfast and stoopid fun! Sista Bussen’s sophomore EP is even better than their first. “Jag Ska Ingenstans” was a great hit but “Andra Världskriget Två” is maybe even better and coupled with “Pissar Ner Mig” on the b-side it rolls over me like a tank. These guys do everything right. The sound (recorded on reel-to-reel in their rehearsal space) and the performance is perfect. Try to keep up when they put it in 11th gear. For fans of Henry Fiat’s Open Sore, Los Ass-Draggers, Angry Samoans. (Thomas)