Modern Warfare – Complete Recordings and more LP
Great hc-fast punkrock! Collecting their stuff as first the Modens and then Modern Warfare.

Timmy’s Organism – Survival of the Fiendish LP (Burger)
Maybe the Organism’s best record to date! Relentless!

Control Test 7” (Iron Lung)
Breakneck synthhardcorepunk!

Civic – Those Who No 7” - New Vietnam LP (Antifade)
Discovery of the year! Just fucking great punkrock, high in energy and delivered with fervor!

Real Kids – Demos LP (Crypt)
Plus: Live at the Rat LP / See You On the Street Tonite LP / Do You Wanna Dance LP
Archival project of the year goes to Tim Warren/Crypt Records for giving us more Real Kids than we thought we’d ever need, and we do need it!

Marked Men – On the Other Side LP (Dirtnap)
One of my all time faves with two unreleased songs – what’s not to love!?

Rik & the Pigs – A Child’s Gator LP (Total Punk) - Blue Jean Queen 7” (Feel It!)
Fucking great rock’n’roll!! That’s it!

Cheap Nasties – S/T LP (Hozac)
Unreleased pre-Scientists Kim Salmon. Lo-fi punkrock! Absolutely timeless!

Vintage Crop – New Age LP
Down under’s answer to Uranium Club maybe – but no copycats!

Hank Wood & the Hammerheads – S/T LP (Toxic State)
Amazing third LP from the band that gives NYC a face.

Stiff Love – 7” (Feel It!)
Just plain awesome garagepunk!