MAN OR ASTROMAN? - Your Weight On The Moon CD Overground

I was a fanof Man Or Astroman? when they first came along (never had this LP though). ThisLP first came out in 1994, a long time ago now, and it was their first mini-LP(the cd consists of that LP and two 7” EPs that came out around the same time.)I had their Estrus LPs that came before (I think?!) this.  To all you young Savage readers I need to say that in those days unlikenow there were a lot of surf/instrumental bands. Every city with self respecthad a least one and Man Or Astroman? were top of the line if not thee best out there. Listening to this now youcan understand why. They had a much more fierce aproach and kind of a punkspirt but still played with precision. I think they had both surf, rock’n’rolland punkrock fans. And how does this hold up today? It’s not bad but I don’treally see when I would listen to this. To me who was there i think if feels abit dated. I think reissues come way too fast these days. The one song I reallylike is a cover of ”Destination Venus” but I think I’m  through withsurfmusic. Who knows though, maybe this reissue will start a brand newinstrumental wave. (Martin)