VERNON SÉLAVY - Apple Seeds 7” EP Shit Music For Shit People

Here’s anew band from Italy featuring one guy from the Moviestar Junkies and one guyfrom Ten Dogs (with whom I’m not familiar). To me they fit perfectly into thelatest wave of Italian (and maybe a bit French too) bands that come out of thegarage scene but have a more rootsy sound like the Mojomatics andCapputtini’i’lignu. Two other duos and when I think about it Vernon Sélavywould sit very comforatable in the middle of those two. This 7” consist ofthree very well-written songs with a really nice sound. They don’t duo hardcoreso the sound is like it would be a whole band playing. The last song ”The WayIt Goes” hit me the most. It’s got a nice soulful Reigning Sound vibe to itwith a chorus I’ll be humming along to pretty soon. Personally I’d think itwould  be wonderful if these two guyswould do something like this in italian. (Martin)