Thee Cormans The Haunted Sea 7” Vinyl Rites Record Co

The dirtiest sound I’ve laid ears to for quite a while. Instro-mental for sure and lo-fi if nothing else. And cool as heck. Kinda similar to bands like the Beguiled in execution and in style more like the Fe Fi Fo Fums and the Mummies maybe. Three instrumentals (not surf mind you)and they’re all real cool. Sounding old but moving like there’s no tomorrow. Need a recordplayer in my car to blast this on! [TS]

Hex Dispensers My Love Is a Bat 7” Alien Snatch Records

One of my favebands are back with another insanely great single. How could I not be happy?! This is their Eurotour-single but it’s for sale from some good mailorders too. Two new songs that are at least as amazing as the recent Douche Master single. [TS]

The LIVEFASTDIE shitload: Nitedo 7” (Boom Chick) Split w/ WIZZARD SLEEVE 7” (Jeth-row) Split w/ GOLDEN ERROR 7” (Mind No Mind) Bandana Trash Bloopers 7” (Turborock)Buzz Buzz Buzzard 7” (Goodbye Boozy) (also see below for the Lover! split)

Got way behind on reviewing last winter and have been adding all the LFD singles to the ever-growing pile, so here we go with the rundown of the LFD shitload of singles of late (almost a year’s worth). “Nitedo” is a real hit but I could survive without the b-side. The splits are good stuff too, LFD is a good match for Wizzard Sleeve even though WS is a lot darker and moodier. They spring from kind of the same sound but WS is more doom where LFD is punk. Golden Error is really really good though and the perfect match for LFD. This one’s fucking great!“Bandana trash bloopers” is just what it’s called. Outtakes from their debut LP and it’s good stuff, just doesn’t sound as good as the LP did. Listening to this it shows how they’ve maintained their sound but yet developed it to where they’re at now. Which takes us to the most recent release, “Buzz Buzz Buzzard”. And it’s real good. Pounding, insanely fast drums and catchy scream-along lyrics. [TS]

The Mojomatics Don’t Pretend That You Know Me LP Alien Snatch Records

They’re back a little cleaner and “nicer” sounding. While I did dig the dirty sound more I’m sure I’m gonna love this stuff live where they’ve always excelled. Will be exciting to hear their new line up with a bassplayer added too. Back to the new record, this one’s got DMZ style garage, blues- och coutry/folkrock mixing it all up into a nice popsound. “Losin’ Time” being a kinda Reigning Sound-style stomper. Good songs and I’m sure this one’s gonna be a winner for them, I however miss the dirtier sound a bit. [TS]

Strange Boys Woe is you and me 7” (In The Red) S/t 7” (Dusty Medical)

There’s not a doubt in my mind that these kids are strange to most of the kids their age. But that they’ve made a band, recorded and put out records – good ones too boot – is just so fucking cool and special. It’s like fucking 1966 again! Now they’ve been signed by genre-giant ITR and it’s just a spectacular tale of some sort of success. Slow, bluesy garagerock. Not too far removed from bands like the Black Lips or Mystery Girls. But it’s kinda weird and quirky which puts it on it’s own two feet and while they should be barely walking, they’re already up and running. This is great shit. Pick it up! [TS]

V/aLIVE FAST DIE / LOVER! Split 7” Douchemaster Records

LFD clocks in with a nice, fast, punky, almost drummachine-sounding, GG-esque number. Reall good stuff! Lover! also do a fast, punkier one. Fast drumbeat and about boogers in your asshole. Without listening to the lyrics too much it’s a great song in the Lover! tradition. Nice split. [TS]

V/a Twistin’ Rumble 5 LP

From the opening track, the Vocaleers ”Cootie Snap”, a midtempo soulshaker that get’s my blood boiling even though it’s kinda slow, and on with Billy the Kid Emerson’s (know from all the best soulcomps of course) great ” A Dancin’ Whippesnapper” to the last song on the b-side, the ûbercool beatfreakout “Keep Your Cool”, Twistin’ Rumble shows you have to shake it. Right through! Crazy instrumentals, beat, soul, r&b…what-have-you! This is so damn great your knees will start doing the shake all by themselves. The rest will just follow…[TS]

V/a Twistin’ Rumble 6 LP

More of the just makes me so happy. Just more of the insanely great stuff from #5. Incredibly nice soul/r’n’b madness. Think Nathaniel Mayer/Andre Williams/Gino Washington/King Coleman. Amazing! I can’t wait for more! [TS]