Chaino Eye of theSpectre LP DionysusRecords

AnotherChaino re-release and this is great as always. Wilder than wild drumsounds byway of  Africa and Americanized to suitthe exotica-fans. This is really cool though. Wild and crazy drums – what moredo you want? [TS]

Charlie& the Moonhearts Drop inDrop Out 7” (Tic Tac Totally) I Think You’re Swell 7” (Goodbye Boozy) Real Hot Breakers 7” (Trouble in Mind Records)

Party Fowl Std’s 7” (Goodbye Boozy)

Ty Segall& Mikal Cronin Pop Song 7” (Goodbye Boozy)

Okie Dokie Badhammer 7” (Goodbye Boozy)

All ofthese records have in common that they feature Ty Segall and/or Mikal Cronin.These guys seem to have an endless supply of talent and songs to go with it.Most of these singles are on the cool Goodbye Boozy label who keeps tapping theTy Segall vein. And I for one couldn’t be happier. Charlie & the Moonheartsis Mikal and friends recorded by Ty and they are dark and dangerous in thatkinda Lost Sounds but both surfier and punkier style. Cool and good but notoutstanding. Better than most though. The TTT single is a bit different but with the Trouble in Mind release they seem to have changed their sound a bit. Poppier and catchier. More 60’s sounding and it’s sunnier overall and is undeniably pretty great. Will keep my eyes on them! Party Fowlis Mikal and Ty on bass and drums with Seth and Adam on guitar and vocals.Really trashy garagerock veering more in the Rip Off tradition than anywhereelse. Pretty great but maybe not that memorable. Cool stuff however and worthyof a few spins for sure. Ty Segalland Mikal together though spells dynamite! “Pop Song” is one amazing tune thatI can’t get enough of. Aaargh! It’s just so catchy and great! B-side is reallyawesome too by the way, making this a no-miss single! What a hitrecord! Okie Dokieis again Mikal and some friends and this is really dark and disturbing. Weirdand wired to the max. Vocals are repetetive and on the brink of chanting,almost rapping to heavy drums and cranked up, blown out guitars. Really cool.Needs to be heard! [TS]

King Khan& BBQ Show InvisibleGirl LP In the RedRecords

Theirawe-inspiring third album. Amazing songwriting (as always is the case withthese cats), fantastic sound and while their sound isn’t “new” anymore it stillamazes me how great they are. Some songs on here are close to perfection,“Third Ave”, “Anala”.. etc so so good, too good to be true! Love it up! [TS]

Ty Segall My sunshine7” Trouble inMind Records

I worshipat the altar of Ty Segall! Here’s yet another killer single and it’s justmindblowing how good this stuff is. You need to hear this and you need almostall of his recorded output cause everything is this great. A-side has thekiller pop-tune “My Sunshine” and b-side has two punker-style songs with hooks.[TS]