Box Elders Alice and Friends LP Goner Records

Sensational!Loved the first single but this is even greater. 14 fantastic songs and it’sclose to a perfect record. This is simply a wonderful band! Don’t know how todescribe them, maybe as a garagey Beach Boys meets Creedence meets somethingpunky. Perfect popsongs. Three of the songs from the debutsingle are on here innew recordings. I wouldn’t have said no to more new songs but these sound greatand the 7” is almost worn out so I guess everybody needs this. The last song,“Death of Me” ends the record magnificently. It’s been stuck in my head forweeks on end. This makes me happy! [TS]

Earthmen& Strangers S/t LP FDH Records

Ryan fromgreat-as-fuck-bands like Tokyo Electron and the Reatards new band. This shouldreally go over well with fans of Jay Reatard. Poppy, catchy and a sort ofsimilar sound to Jay’s without sounding like a copycat. Just think they’redrawing from the same well. This really deserves a lot of attention. It’sexciting stuff. [TS]

Hex Dispensers WinchesterMystery House LP Alien Snatch Records

Really been looking forward to this, and it’s not going to make any fandisappointed. It’s a bit more powerful than the singles that came out betweenthe first lp and this and while I would have preferred that rougher sound thisplatter’s got great songs. Punkrock that should win any fan of punkrock over.Inspired by horror, comics, bankrobbers and all things cool. [TS]

Mayyors Dreads 12” EP

Mysterious band from Seattle who’s supposed to be something else live. Noiseand punk is their thing. Pretty hard and disturbing but still remaining verylistenable. This new 12” has four new songs and they’re as intense as ever.Their finest outing yet I think. Cool sounding and this shit just pounds yourbrain in. That’s really nice once in a while. [TS]

Nobunny Raw Romance cassette Burger records

A genius asever. Nobunny seems to find it suprisingly simple to write great popsongs. Thewhole concept feels like a genius take on music over all. Everybody that haven’theard Nobunny yet better catch up right away! A whole bunch of nice covers andoriginals makes this tape a must I’m afraid. Some of this stuff has turned upon vinyl and hopefully the rest will too cause this is too good to be stuck oncassette. [TS]

ReigningSound Love andCurses LP In The RedRecords

It’s been along wait for the follow up to the amazing “Too Much Guitar” but now it’s hereand it’s hard to not measure it against its predecessor. I had hopes that itwould continue in the same vein but this is instead more of a step back to thesound on the earlier records. Greg’s voice is of course as magical as alwaysand there are a few songs that are great like for example “The Bells” butotherwise “Love and Curses” don’t reach all the way. Good but notmagical. [TS]

Ty Segall Lemons LP Cents 7” Goner Records

He’s back! Don’t you just get really satisfied when Ty serves up a newfullenght that surpasses any expectations I had. There’s no end to the talent.He’s done something original out of garagerock and it sounds so damn great.This record’s has tons of sounds that just meshes together everything to soundlike Ty. Trashy, lofi, blown out sound that just sounds oh-so-good. The “Cents” single is pretty much unmissable too. And dammit,those hits just keeps on coming. [TS]

Woven Bones Your Sorcery 7” Sweet RotRecords

Wow what agreat goddamn single. The Woven bones from Austin have just started making aname for themselves and talk about raising the bar for themselves with a singlelike this. Fullenght a-coming on Hozac. They’ve got a really dark sound thatbrings to my mind bands like Oblivians, Gories and Gun Club. This is just aprimal fucking scream from way down low! [TS]

The Yolks S/t LP RandyRecords / Bachelor Records

Finally afullenght after two cool singles where I especially adored their denut. Thisis damn great garegerock. Simple,to the point, their own. The Yolks are pretty wonderful in a lot of ways. Imiss the fantastick sound/production on the debut but this is definitely a bandto check out if you’re into say either the Sonics or the Mummies..or both. [TS]