How did you come to do a one man band? And whythe name BBQ?

This is thebasic story: Les Sexareenos were dying and I had many songs that I had writtenthat I wanted to do. Most songs weren’t necessarily right for Les Sexareenos,anyway. I decided to play them by myself while trying maybe to find some folksin Montreal to play with. The problem (not really a bad thing) is that everyonehere has 1000 bands each, so I knew it wouldn’t work out. Plus, not many peoplecould live so irresponsibly as myself or, for that matter, deal with mybullshit. So I started playing as a ‘one-man band’ strictly out of necessity. Ilike to get things done - boom, boom BOOM!!!! This cursed incarnation haslasted too long. As for the name… yes. Regrettable. At the time, I needed aname to play a show or something and, since I’m a fat man that enjoys eating, Icame up with that shitty name. And then it was too late to change. Oh well.

Tell me a little about the history ofMark Sultan - you’ve been really busy the last bunch of years..

History?Well, the history you may know is that I started singing with The Spaceshits.That lasted a few years. We did some records, some touring… Near the end, Istarted a record label with two friends called ‘Sultan Records’. Things wentwell until distribution died. Then, so did the label. After that, I startedplaying drums and singing sometimes with Les Sexareenos. Then came BBQ. And now’The King Khan & BBQ Show’. There have been a few other things in there,too. I think that’s it.

How’d the record on Bomp! happen?

I dunno,really. Ask some ‘one-man bands’. It’s often hard to get people to listen - oreven care, for that matter. I had already done the 1st album in Europeand then recorded some new stuff. I sent some songs out. Bomp! got it. Greg wasreally into it, and of course that guy knew his shit. He made me feelcomfortable, cuz he knew where I was coming from. And he liked the songs,rather than concentrating on it being a one-man band. That’s important to me.Obviously, I ain’t doing this to prove I can play as one guy. I just wanna getthe songs out there. Anyway, he wanted to do the record, and I was hyped.Bomp!, man. Cool.

What’s happening to Bomp now that Gregpassed away?

Withoutgetting into all of the bad vibes, let’s just say that I went through a LOT ofbullshit with one fucker in particular. I had pretty much severed ties untilSuzy kinda smoothed it all over. I don’t know or really care what the label isup to, cuz I refuse to pay attention anymore.

I thought you and King Khan weresupposed to do two singles but it turned out to be an LP for Goner - how come?How’d the Goner deal happen?

We had beenfucking around for the last 2 years or something. We’d play everytime I wasvisiting Germany and had time. We recorded a bunch of demos on a ghettoblaster, but it wasn’t serious. But then, we were able to hook up a properrecording in Hamburg with DM Bob and we both had the time. At around this time,labels started getting back to us. And then, last Fall, I was on tour in the USwith The Mystery Girls and we passed through Memphis. I talked to Eric and Zacand they said they really wanted to do it, but I think they wanted to put thedemos out. I told them we were recording again and shit… That was that. Bythen, too, we had already mapped out the Euro version on Hazelwood. Maximuminvasion!!! The two singles we were originally gonna do are now just the one onSolid Sex Lovie Doll (due out in March, I think). Two unreleased songs from thedemos.

I know you two were on tour together inEurope a while ago is that where the idea came about? How do you set it up? oneplays drums and the other guitar and then you switch or what..

The ideacame before. When I went on tour with the Shrines, I was just playing as BBQ.When me and King Khan first started playing, we’d both sit on stage as ourone-man bands, trading off songs and shit. The show would ‘culminate’ in usplaying a few songs ‘together’. Here is the current set up: I play in one-manmode (bass drum, tambourine, snare, guitar and vocals) with the occassionalfloor tom and cymbal. King Khan plays guitar, sings and act ridiculously.

How was the recent tour of the states?

The tourwas EXCELLENT!!! It was really the most fun I’ve had on any US tour I’ve everdone. I was surprised. It makes me wanna go back soon.

Tell me about Gonerfest!

It wasnuts. They chose a really cool place to do it, but it was really small, whichmade it more nutzoid. It was like a house party gone awry. A shitload of peopledrinking a shitload of alcohol listening to shitload of cool bands. Lots ofchaos and fun. And when the shows weren’t happening, there were more bands andmore alcohol at the Goner store. Memphis is great.

What happened to Les Sexareenos? Youseemed to be doing real good and then you broke up..

‘Doing realgood’ can mean a lot of things. If you’re into being hyped, I guess we weredoing good. If you’re into being asked to play a bunch of cool shows, sure:doing good. But we weren’t doing real good on a personal or fun level. It justran its course. There’s no point continuing things that shouldn’t continue.

Any new band on the horizon or do youprefer being just you?

I’ve saidit many times: I would much rather be playing in a band. There are many songs Ican’t play by myself. The bottom line is that it’s just fuckin boring beingBBQ. That being said, I wanna start a band with people who share similar tastesand could live hobo-style, for the most part. It’s difficult. And I’d ratherstart a band somewhere outside of Canada.

What bands do you like up in Canadathese days?

I haven’tseen many lately, as I’m not often around. I guess I’ll hype my Montrealbuddies: Sunday Sinners, CPC Gangbangs, Raccoons, Demon’s Claws… GlamorousMaggots were cool when I saw them… There are just too many to mention, and Ihonestly like most of them.

Any other cool bands you wish to hip usto?

I’m surethe astute readers of Savage Magazine would know anything I mention, so forgetit. The only band I can think of that might not be ‘known’ for the instant isThe Gaye Blades.

What goods do you really need for thebest barbeque?

Anappetite, beer, and chicks.