Hey! Savage is back, at least on the Internet for now. New reviews, an interview with Peter Greenberg and to start it all off here’ssome music news for you.

A worthwhile read

Check out Rick Coraccio’s (DMZ, Lyres) journal where hewrites about his time in both DMZ and the Lyres: http://bostongroupienews.com/CoraccioBackPages.htmA great companion to the Peter Greenberg interview.

New records

Jeffery Novak and Royal Headache on Matadors singles club2013. www.matadorrecords.com

Human Eye releases new album in 2013. Check out old but coolinterview with Timmy V. made by Eric Davidson here  http://blogs.villagevoice.com/music/2012/06/timmys_organism_interview.php

Oblivians new album ”Desperation” is due out on In The Redsoon. Check out interview with Eric here: http://getbent.fm/post/30815026615/interview-eric-oblivian-on-gonerfest-memphis-and-the

New reissues

Superior Viaduct reissues 100 Flowers (ex-Urinals) s/t debutalbum and Martin Rev’s debut album February 5th. At the same time they reissuethe Sleepers 1978 punk 7” EP ”Seventh World”. Check out all of their releasesat www.superiorviaduct.com

Captured Tracks to reissue Flying Nun’s back catalog onvinyl. First release will be a double-LP retrospective of Toy Love who recentlyhad a live LP released on Goner. www.capturedtracks.com www.goner-records.com