OBLIVIANS / ANDRE ETHIER split 7” Scion/Vice

Never in a million years did I think I’d review a new Oblivians song.. But here it is. And it’s great. Of course it is.. It’s hard to not have their “old” stuff in mind and judge this on it’s own merits because I think this would have been even better without having to measure up to songs like “If Mother Knew” or “Guitar Shop Asshole” or “The Leather” but.. Fuck! It’s a new Oblivians song and it’s freaking awesome! It’s a dark Greg Oblivian-sung pounder. And it really is awesome to hear some new Oblivians stuff, even though it’s weird. Truly one of the most awe-inspiring bands of all time! Andre is of course the Andre from the great Deadly Snakes. His solo stuff has taken a Dylan-esqe turn and follows suit here. It’s good but not amazing. (Thomas)