HOZAC HOOKUP KLUB YEAR 2 - the first batch

Sex Church - 209 7” Super Wild Horses - Enigma 7” Radar Eyes - Shakes 7”

Hozac Records

Sex Church is a band that I never really checked out but always meant to. So this is really my first real listen to ‘em. It’s pretty dark, brooding and a little bit psychedelic, and Stoogey. Could’ve maybe been a bit wilder in my opinion, it’s pretty slow. Pretty cool but maybe not as great as it could’ve been in my ears. For a cooler band that does the same sorta thing check out Flight instead.

Everybody seems to rave about the Super Wild Horses. A two-girl band from Melbourne. Just guitar and drums is usually my thing but this becomes a bit tedious when the guitar is pretty monotonic and boring. I’ll give them another chance to win me over..

Radar Eyes are pretty hard to define. Punkrock but with a touch of pop and nice-ness. Think Hex Dispensers and the Marked Men maybe.. But slower. Think this will grow on me even more. Not as immediate as the aforementioned bands. Might be missing in personality, for lack of a better word. B-side is a bit too “nice” and slick but otherwise pretty cool. I’ll be checking out more of their stuff. (Thomas)