BLACK TIME - More songs about motorcycles and death 12” Wrench Records BLACK TIME / TY SEGALL split 12” Telephone Explosion

Rumored to be the last Black Time record, the aptly titles “More songs about motorcycles and death” mini LP is perhaps Black Times finest moment. It’s an awesome romp down a highway lined with their greatest influences and achievements. Merging KBD punk, Black Flag hc, Pussy Galore noise, Gun Club/Scientists drone into a mix all your own is a feat not many band have managed and definitely not many European bands. This records is a testament to how great Black Time is.

Never got around to reviewing their split with Ty Segall but since it’s back in print again it seemed appropriate. Black Time is snottier than ever and sounding a bit more British too I think. Noisy and punky and really great. Really Pussy Galore-y at times. Not a bad thing. Ty’s side is him being himself, great of course. Some songs have ended up on other records too but this is prolly different versions and lo-fi. And great!