How did the Strange Boys come about? And why are you called the Strange Boys?

I’m not sure anymore.

Who’s who in the band?

Matt Hammer - drums Greg Enlow - guitar Philip Sambol - bass Ryan Sambol - guitar, vocals

Did you have a specific sound that you tried for when you started out? Did it end up the way you thought it would?


What was your inspiration?

To have something to do, something worthwhile to care about.

How did you end up on ITR?

Jay Reatard told Larry about us.

You’re picking a little from everywhere musically it, country, garage, blues.. what’s some of your influences?

Everything, we like music.

Tell me about the upcoming european tour. You weren’t sure that was gonna happen - why?

We’ve had some trouble with the law, but all will be taken care of in time.

What expectations do you have coming over here?

None, we don’t know what to expect.

What are some bands that you like to play with? Who’d you like to play with, past or present, if you could?

Any band on In The red. Ccr.

What’s coming up? Any more records?

Yup, when we get back this summer, a 7inch then a new record.