How did the Forbidden Tigers come about as a band? Some of you were already playing together as Brimstone Howl right?

Nick: It’s very hard to tell. It was just something that came about, I think we were all just looking for something to do. I don’t remember.

David: I remember very vividly the commencement of the Tigers, but I, as for all the other tigers, swore a blood-oath to never mention the events that occurred on August 17, 2006.

What’s the musical ambition for the Tigers?

Nick: For now, I would like to make some more records.

David: We’ve all learned how to play our instruments, so I have no idea what else we could accomplish.


Nick: I think it’s more of a question of who we’ve influenced.

David: I concur.

If you could choose any band to play live with, past or present, who would it be?

Nick: Does this question mean I’m in the band or the Tigers are playing a show with this group? I don’t know, Kinks, Byrds (with Gene Clark), Stones (with Brian Jones) or Bob Dylan (Highway 61 era).

David: GWAR

What inspires you?

Nick: It used to be jealousy. Now it’s something else, but I’m not really sure what it is.

David: I think it might be spite, or Sprite (Do they have Sprite in Europe? Whatever.). I can’t tell. I constantly think about both.

What have you been up to lately? It’s been a while since the latest single came out..

Nick: Mostly just writing. Toured Europe for a second time with Brimstone Howl.

David: Absolutely nothing.

Almost all of you are also in Brimstone Howl, how do you decide which song goes where and divide time etc? The Tigers don’t play live as much as BH does. how come?

Nick: Right now only two of us are in Brimstone Howl. It works itself out. We are different bands and after both bands make their next LPs we’ll be even more different.

What’s coming up for the Tigers?

Nick: We plan to make a new LP and tour Europe. Possibly, make a point of never touring in the United States.

David: The U.S. is for chumps.

Why are you forbidden?

Nick: Must have something to do with my pretentiousness.

David: Or not playing at all.