B-SIDES Wreck in Heaven LP


SomeMontreal dudes from among other bands (I’m sure) the Scat Rag Boosters. Prettyokay Gun Club-ish garagestuff. The Canadians are always good at writing songsit seems and this is some decent stuff, going from garage to punk. It lacks alittle bit of personality though, it ends up sounding like a lof of other stuffand as a longplayer it would have benefitted of some better production. But allin all, pretty cool just a bit plain. [TS]

DEMON’SCLAWS Lost in the desert LP

Telephone Explosion

Great demoand outtakes compilation. Sounds almost as good as “Satan’s pet pig” but not aspowerful. This is not to be missed however, even though it’s a little morelaidback and lo fi. The Demon’s Claws continue to craft amazing songs and theircountry-garage sound sounds as great and fresh as ever. And don’t think thatthis is just filled with alternative takes or something, we’re served withtwelve new songs. Cool shit. [TS]

FRANCE HASTHE BOMB Invisible Angle 7” World of Mirrors7”

Hozac Dusty Medical

A littleweird, poppy, catchy and crispy sounding. Starting out with their Hozac single,the A-side is punkier and cool. B-side is a ballad-type thing and I fall for itimmerdiately. Really nice stuff. Their debut on Dusty Medical is equally cool,has two punky tunes that are a little weird too, not too far from bands likethe Intelligence. FHTB features Hideo from the cool Birthday Suits and someother Minneapolis dudes. This has some of that Marked Men sound to it, can’treally describe it but it’s just some kind of dynamic that seems similar. [TS]



This was apretty nice surprise – beatnik-bongos and weird stories told/played in a veryentertaining way. An oildrum and drumsticks made of hammer handles and thesound is awe-inspiring. Recorded live back in ’68 in San Antonio. So. Damn.Cool. Atmospheric, rhythmic, tension-building.. Coleman’s voice is great to,and the combination is just amazing. Fucking cool! Try this out for a change![TS]

JEFFREYNOVAK After the Ball LP ThreeSisters 7”

LMN Records Shattered Records

Jeff Novakof Cheap Time, Rat Traps and formerly of his own OMB now by himself again butsolo and not doing the OMB-thing. This is in the general direction of mostlyJay Reatard but also Mark Sultan and Ty Segall. Doing your stuff solo, playingall instruments etc is cool and makes for a pretty unique sound, very personalI guess. This stuff is pretty good, you can still hear and recognize the stylefrom Cheap Time. It’s just totally different. Poppier, and stranger. MoreSparks or Beatles than Oblivians. The single marks the return of Jay Reatard’sShattered label. The single is the same style as the LP maybe a bit bettermastered, it sounds more powerful. Anyway, think this might grow even more onme with time. [TS]


Neverready Recording Co

Don’treally know anything about JP before he joined the Tennessee Tearjerkers butgoing from that it looks like he picked up a lot of chops from the master ofMemphis-rock, Jack O. This is pretty darn great, Memphis style rock and rollwith songwriting in the style of Jack Oblivian but without sounding like him.This is more rockabilly and it sounds excellent. Infectious to say the least.Think Rufus Thomas meets Elvis meets Jack Oblivian and sounding old and new atthe same time.Nice. [TS]

SOUTHFILTHY Undertakin’ Daddy LP


Jeff Evansnewest combo sonsisting of rotating members like Jack Oblivian, Walter Daniels,Mike Buck and John Schooley is back. This is a shortplayer of an LP though,only eight songs but they’re kinda long so it at least reach a decent lenght.Pretty great stuff though. If you were ever a fan of ’68 Comeback or the GibsonBros you’ll love this. Good songs, nice Jeff Evans-sound and nothing new exceptfor some great songwriting and that Memphis groove. Which I’m not one to say noto. [TS]


Castle Face Records

Anoutstanding debut LP from this new guy/band. Had the pleasure of seeing themlive a few times too and they blow minds. Believe me, this is extremely amazingstuff. This lp sounds great, the songwriting is top notch and the sound is damncool. There’s really not a whole lot more I could ask for. I’m sold. One of myfaves right now, and I’m just discovering new favorite songs for every spin.Make no mistake, this is a record that you have to get. His follow up is due onGoner this spring. [TS]


Rob’s House Records

France’sWeakends are going strong with touring, releasing records and doing quite goodit seems. They’ve got a cool sound, very american but making it a bit their ownand European-sounding. Kinda like beat to garage. This is good stuff though andif you’re a fan of bands like the Black Lips, Mojomatics, Magnetix etc then thismight be for you. It’s a bit bluesier than the aforementioned but pretty good.[TS]


Burning Hell Records

First in aseries of boxed releases limited to one hundred copies. This should add somepanic to the collector craze! Anyway, this box has the Poppets, Brainbombs,Black Bug and Homostupids. Black Bug are Swedes with a pretty cool BlankDogs/Lost Sounds vibe, two pretty cool songs. Poppets cover two Brainbombssongs, pretty lo fi but cool and catchier than the ‘bombs have ever been. TheHomostupids are cool and noisy and sound dangerous but haven’t really caught myattention more than that. Might be the short songs, “The Hawk” seems to besomething like 40 seconds. The b-side is an ongoing loop of a fucked up versionof the first part of that song that is the theme for CSI Miami, is it RogerPlant or something.. can’t remember.. Pretty stupid anyway.And last, butcertainly the main reason this box will be sought after, the Brainbombs.Sounding like they usually do, don’t think anyone would be disappointed withthis. [TS]


University of Vice

Volume fourof this crazy series comping the wildest, strangest and craziest rock’n’rollfrom all over the world. Preferably in strange languages, exotic beats anddanceable. Finland, Mexico, Romania, Chech Republic, Belgium, Haiti, Nigeria,Angola.. the list goes on and on. This volume picks up where number three leftoff and packs quite a punch. It’s over the top from the get-go and doesn’t letup. You’re definitely in for a wild night in tigertown with this one. [TS]


Les disques mondiales

Prettygroovy stuff. Fun, poppy, just plain weird and crazy. It’s even got some funnyswedish band doing “Wild thing”. For everyone who’s a fan of organheavy, crazyexotica. Not as good as Las Vegas Grind or Jungle Exotica as it’s just not wildenough but cool nevertheless. [TS]



Pretty damn cool exotica kinda like the Lavender Jungle more than Las VegasGrind. Softer than wild but always very cool. Some tunes have been out therebefore this but it’s such a cool comp so that doesn’t really matter. [TS]