Box Elders Hole in my head 7” Grotto Records

Amazing pop-garage! Think maybe Beatles (gasp!) teaming up with the Compulsive Gamblers and you might get something like the Box Elders. Four amazing ditties one being a cover of Redd Kross “S & M Party”. They’re soon to have an album on Goner. I for one can’t wait! Oh yeah – they’re amazing live too! [TS]

Jack-O & the Tennessee Tearjerkers The disco outlaw LP/CD Goner Records

Jack’s finally on Goner and it couldn’t make more sense. Taking his trademark songwriting and storytelling to Memphis best label. “The Disco Outlaw” picks up where “The Flipside Kid” left off and goes for a pretty rockin’ sound. Some songs are kind of moody and dark, some are kinda poppy and some are kinda bluesy. Jack’s Jack though and his songs are always great. And covering Travis Wammack’s “Scratchy” is damn cool. This might no be his best album but it’s another good ‘un in a long succession of great records. I will never mind getting a record by Jack. This is good shit! [TS]

NoBunny Give it to me 7” HoZac Records

Yet two more hits from the hitmachine that is Nobunny. Cute, rockin’n’rollin’,’s all there and there’s really nothing to do but bow to the mans creativity and sheer genius. It’s really that simple. [TS]

Oh Sees Help LP/CD In The Red Records

Like John Dwyer’s previous bands the Coachwhips and the Hospitals, I haven’t liked everything they do, sometimes a whole record sometimes some songs here and there. It’s the same with the Oh Sees. Had the pleasure of seeing the live at SXSW and that was really cool. The Oh Sees kinda jump between slow and fast, soft and punk and that’s pretty cool but I tend to like the faster, punkier stuff more. With “Help” it sounds more like a whole, a nice warm sound and some great songs. I’m going gaga over it like I did live, but there’s some real great stuff on here. So maybe it’s time to let the Oh Sees win me over? I’ll give them a shot.. [TS]

Personal & the Pizzas You got a fuckin problem 7” G.O.O.C.

The funniest and most rockin’ band out there right now – insane lyrics about peperoni, being able to read and, of course, pizza. This is kind of budgetrock I guess and it’s really really good and it makes you want to dance. Live they’re great and on record they’re hilarious and rocking out! Just shout along to the chorus on “I don’t wanna be no personal pizza” and and you’ll be sold on ‘em. Check these guys out or they’ll make you eat a personalized pizza. [TS]

Strange Boys ..and girls club LP In The Red Records

Liked these guys two singles prior to this and they keep on delivering. Jangly, drawly country-fied garagerock. Love the little tales, the cool music and the sound. Austin’s a real hotbed for great music right now with the Hex Dispensers, Woven Bones and the Strange Boys. I think anyone who likes bands like the Reigning Sound or Black Lips should try these guys out. [TS]

Woven Bones With you alone 7” Split w/ the Jacuzzi Boys 7” Hozac Hookup Klub Needless Recs

New band outta Austin, Tx. This is great stuff. Had the pleasure of seeing them live a couple of times at SXSW and they’re really fucking good. Dark and moody, kinda like the Gun Club and noisy and primitive. I really like them. Live, late on a sundaynight, it was a bit more powerful than on record but these two, their debut releases, are pretty fucking hot. The Hozac one is great, with two killers and the split with the Jacuzzi Boys – well, how can you go wrong with that? The Jacuzzi Boys have yet to let me down and this slow number just keeps their career spiralling ever upward. [TS]