The Hex Dispensers is kind of an all-star band consisting of members from a lot of prominent Austin bands from the past few years. How did you get together?

Alyse and Tom and I were playing together in This Damn Town. When This Damn Town was ending, we decided to keep playing together and wanted to do something totally different and less serious - so we started the Hex Dispensers. Dave played bass on our first tour, but was living in Seattle at the time. Eventually - we talked him into moving here so he could be in the band full-time. You started the band on 06.06.06 and your lyrics are pretty forceful.

Is it a conscious move to be kind of “scary” and take the audience by storm?

We’re really just having fun. We don’t take any of the dark or “hard” stuff very seriously. To me it’s important to keep a balance between catchy and dark.

What were your influences and ‘goals’, soundwise, when you started the band?

Originally, I wanted to do something catchy like the Marked Men but kinda more blown out like the Coachwhips. I also really like the dark/catchy guitar riffs and sound of the Wipers and the simplicity of the Ramones and wanted those elements mixed in too.

Where do you see the Hex Dispensers going musically?

Not too far from where we started. I think the songs we’ve been writing since the LP are a not as simple, but it’s important for us not get too far away from the original ideas.

What are your biggest influences generally? What inspires you?

We’re inspired by all kinds of stuff. Nerdy stuff. Well, Dave and I are the nerdy ones in the band. I guess we’re all nerds about different things, but Dave and I are definitely the nerdiest when it comes to comics and science fiction and horror movies.

The “scene” in Texas seems to be pretty tight and storng, what with bands like the Marked Men, Wax Museums, Maaster Gaiden etc.. Tell me a little about it. Has it always been that way?

There’s always been good Texas punk bands as far back as I can think. The Big Boys, Scratch Acid, the Dicks and lots of great ones since then. There’s always lots going on here.

You recorded your debut LP/CD with Mark Ryan - how was that? Who recorded the other singles? Is there any producer/studio you’d like to work with in the future?

Working with Mark Ryan is a really great experience. We’re definitely going to record with him again for the next LP. He really gets everything just right. We recorded all the singles here in Austin at Sweatbox, which has been around for a while and has always been a place that I like to record.

Having been blown away by your liveshow I have to ask - how hard is it to be a good liveband? Do you play live a lot?

Thanks. We practice once a week usually. More if we’re about to go on tour.

What bands do you like to play with? Who would you like to play with?

We try not to play too much these days because I don’t want people to get tired of us. There’s good local bands to play with like the Golden Boys, Manikin, the Apeshits and the Young (to name a few).

How was the reception on your first european tour?

It was amazing. People there really treated us well and showed us a great time. The audiences were very enthusiastic and the people we met were really cool and friendly. We played with some great bands like the Mojomatics, the Sworn Liars, and the Weakends (to name a few). Alyse and I had never been to Europe before - so it was a great experience for us. We’re all looking forward to coming back again. Maybe in the Fall of 2009.

How come you ended up on European label Alien Snatch btw?

Daniel heard a few songs on our MySpace page and asked if we would send him a CD of what we recorded. He liked it and offered to put out the record. It’s been really great working with him - he’s such a great guy. We totally love Daniel.

How’s the reception been in the USA?

Pretty good. We’ve played some good festivals like Gonerfest and Budget Rock. We’re playing a new festival in Atlanta in a couple months with the Carbonas, Gentlemen Jessee, Cheap Time, the Wax Museums, NoBunny and more. That should be a lot of fun.

What’s coming up?

Right now we’re just trying to write new songs for the next LP. We’re about half way there. The plan is to release it on Douchemaster in the U.S. and Alien Snatch in Europe.