How did the Yolks get started? What inspired you?

Spike: Me and Nathan are brothers and talked about forming a band for a long time. We asked Aaron to practice with us for the first time on New years day 2006 and The Yolks were formed.

Aaron: The original drummer could not make it to practice so Spencer called me (he knew that I played drums, because we played together in junior high). Needless to say, we hit it off that day.

What have you guys been up to before the Yolks started? Other bands etc. Did you know each other before..

Aaron: I was childhood friends with Spencer and music was always a part of our friendship.

Nathan: Before The Yolks, me and Aaron hadn’t been in any band since high school.

Spencer: I had played in a few punk bands. Me and Aaron played “Smells Like Teen Spirit” at our 6th grade pep rally

Aaron: Nathan probably doesn’t remember; the first day he moved back to Chicago from San Francisco, in the summer of 2005, I helped him carry his heavy ass Rhodes up the stairs to his apartment. I should have known then…

What influences the Yolks?

Spike: Parties, girls, and party girls

My friend who used to live in Chicago says you’re one of the few bands that gets people dancing. Is that so? And how do you do it?

Nathan: When we started the very first thing we did was cover songs that were songs we would play if we were DJing at a party and wanted to get people dancing, songs like “No One Else” by Thee Milkshakes, “Lucille” by Little Richard, “She’s My Baby” by Screamin’ Joe Neal, “Judy is a Punk” by the Ramones, etc. So we learned from the best

Spike: We try to sneak some rhythm and blues into our sets, which seems to work. It always helps if the crowd is nice and drunk then we hit them with “What’d I Say”

Where do you see the band going in the future? Both musically and geographically.

Spike: Musically nowhere different, geographically anywhere there’s a crowd.

Aaron: I would like to play on a song that will still be considered a “good song” even a while after we’re done. I would also like to go on tour in Europe.

How did the two singles you’ve done so far come about?

Aaron: For the first one we recorded a lot of songs not knowing which would make it. It was very democratic, we voted on the best 4 and that was that

Spike: We released it ourselves thinking 300 records would last us a few years, but it sold out pretty quick.

Nathan: For the second record, we basically recorded the three songs that were on the record, and sent them out to a few labels. We decided to have Elmar at Bachelor release it because he seemed the most enthusiastic about the record.

What’s coming up?

Spike: An LP and probably some touring.

Any chance for Europe to see you live?

Aaron: That would be awesome.

Nathan: If someone invites us, we will come.

What other bands do you like to play with? bands that get people dancing or bands that don’t?

A: The Okmoniks, Terrible Twos, Black Lips

S: Either way. I just like bands that play good songs.

N: Yeah, but it’s always fun when we get to play with bands like The Romance Novels, or Cococoma, or the Okmoniks, Eric and the Happy Thoughts, or The Smith Westerns or Johnny and the Limelites, or Nobunny, or The Wax Museums. Y’know, bands who know how to really get the party started.

What band past/present/future would you most like to play with live?

Aaron: James Brown

Nathan: The Mummies

Spike: King Khan and BBQ