The start of the Original Three.

Robin: The Original Three started in September of 2001 in my little apartment on Magazine Street in New Orleans. I had been in a band with Ian before The Original Three called The Finishing School. That band had broken up due to personality conflicts. Ian and decided to play together again, but we needed other musicians. During this time, I had met Seth at a bar through mutual friends and found out that he was also a musician. He came over to my place and actually started out playing bass. It didn’t sound quite right, so he picked up my old beat-up guitar, and The Original Three was born.

The inspiration to start the band was just a love of good music and wanting to play something that has a little bit of a twist to it. The Original Three play songs that might sound a little bit like something you’ve heard before, but you can’t quite put yor finger on it. We don’t want the songs to have predictable patterns. Seth’s bands before The Original Three were the Penetrations and The Pall Bearers out of New Orleans; then The Guacos, and Seth and the Sentimentals out of Memphis, TN. My (Robin) bands were The Finishing School (with Ian) out of New Orleans; then The Guacos, The Bloody Foot of Rock, and Kazalok out of Memphis, TN.

I met Ian when we worked together in New Orleans. He asked me if I wanted to play music together, and I said yes. Seth joined us to form The Original Three. Seth, Ian, and I moved to Memphis together as a band. Eventually Ian was asked to join The Black Lips because he knew those guys when they were The Renegades. Ian moved to Atlanta and Seth and I stayed in Memphis and played with other bands.

About living in such mythical music cities as New Orleans and Memphis.

Seth says it matters a shit-ton because it is hard not to be involved in music when it is everywhere around you. Robin agrees.


Seth: The Rolling Stones, The Cramps, King Louie (whom Seth has known for almost 15 years), and good old rock and roll music. Robin: The Cramps, The Velvet Underground, The Oblivians, The Gories, and good old punk rock.

About the future..

The reaction to The Original Three has been great. We have a full-length album, four 7”s with another in the works, and we are on a few different compilations. Seth says LouieFest was in New Orleans this past weekend which was a fest to honor the great King Louie. Before his band Black Rose played, Louie announced to the crowd that The Original Three was in the audience, and that he loves our band. That is a huge honor.

We all agree that we would like to release another full-length album and then tour. We want to play Europe and especially Scandinavia. Ian is on the road alot and Seth and I have other things going on, but the future looks good for our band. We’ve all evolved as musicians and want to show the world what we are made of. Seth laughs and says he wants to play with the Beach Boys and Motley Crue, and go another tour with Die Rotzz (from New Orleans) and King Louie.Robin wants to play with Turbonegro, The Cramps, The Foo Fighters, Flogging Molly, The Pogues, Sham 69, The Country Teasers, and King Louie.

We hope to come over to Europe sometime soon!

The lesser known members of The Original Three ;-) ~ Robin (drums) and Seth (vocals, rhythm guitar).