Savage: What’sgoing on with the Black Lips? You’re everywhere! Touring, new singles.. is this Vice working?

Ian: First off, I want to say: Thomas, I love ya and you’re my Bro. So, here we go “What’s going on with the Black Lips?” We are gonna betouring america in February and March, Europe in April, england in May, Makin amovie in June, Doing festivals in America and Europe in July, We’re gonna betaking most of August off because Jared is getting Married, September andOctober will be all of America again and as of now November and December willbe Australia, Japan and China. We are going to be writing a new record during our hotel stays and soundchecks. So, expect a new album out by late 2008 early 2009.

Is this vice thing working out? Hell yeah it is. They let us do whatever wewant. It’s grand. We have just released a video for Veni Vidi Vici and we havetwo more videos coming up. One for “It feels alright” which is aboutgoing to this atlanta based strip club and another video for “BadKids”. Vice also has an online website called and we have and regoing to be doing alot more with that site. We already did a 5 part seriesabout us going and playing in Isreal and we just got done with a piece about usgoing to Australia. Life is pretty good right now.

Savage:How have sales been? Up I guess, but how much? Can you make a living?

Ian: We don’t work anymore. I mean, we are always on tour so we are working but itis sure better than working a shitty restaurant job. I get to get loaded andparty every night. Oh…..and the money is a lot better.

Savage: You’re doing a movie - tell me about that? How’d that come about?

Ian: Theexecutive producer is the guy that did the “Breakfast Club”. I grewup in the 80’s and that’s just a really good classic film. So, I was stokedabout that. The producer and Director heard about us and came to one of our shows andthought we had that special something. What that special something is, I haveno idea nor care. I’m just happy they want us to be in their film. The movie isabout a band growing up in the 80’s new york band scene. So, it has nothing todo about us. We are playing a straight up fictional band but it will still befun. I hope I get to make out with a hot chick!

Savage: You’re also in the Original Three - how do you find the time?

Ian: I really don’t and I wish I could play music with them more. Seth-vocals andguitar and Robin- Drums are two really good friends of mine. New Orleans,Louisiana 4 life. I enjoy writing soundtracks for murder and that’s what theOG3 lets me do.

Savage: What’s OG3have coming up?

Ian: Not sure, but when it’s supposed to happen it will.

Savage: What about the Black Lips? New records?

Ian: New record out by the end of the year or beginning of 2009 but we willdefinitely be coming to a town near you!!!!!!! To the Sweden Crew: Come up andsay Hi. Later and peace out.

Black Lipsshows in Scandinavia:

April 3  Debaser – Malmoe (S) April 4  Gearclub / Debaser Slussen (S) April 5 Bla/ Oslo (N)