“The Spooky Wheer”

By Haunted George

Once upon a midnight o’er a hundred yearago, a haunted scientist created a critter out of a small, stingingbeastie that he found a-buzzing’ about in the forest. He suckled it onthe true juice of the devil’s weed and on flagons of human blood he gotfrom the bodies of the new dead he bought from the ghouls in theneighborhood. He fed it up good and he fed it up huge. He kept ona-feeding it more and more juice and more and more blood. The wheergrowed and thrived on its nasty repast till it were thrice the size ofa busted fat pig. It growed a scaly green armor on its bulgingblimp-long body soes it couldn’t be killed. It’s long vicious needlea-jutting out sharp and keen from betwixt the popping red eyes in hiscannon ball head kept a sucking and a slurping in the blood till thereweren’t no more! And when he couldn’t find none he became ragingfrantic. And in the night whilst the scientist was a-sleeping the wheerdrove his terrible needle swift into the heart of his benefactor andpierced him dead! All full up of blood and monster-mad hesplinter-smashed out of the side of the house a-buzzing and a-humminglike a huge demon hornet. He swooshed away into the forest and builthis self a nest amidst the tall trees. Tis from this horrible nest thatmarauds out every night a-seeking to quench his thirst on the blood ofhumans that can’t get away. Believe me now for true! I seen it honestthrough me long glass! All the ground under his horrid lair is coveredwith the bones and the awful drained out bodies of his victims but hisgreedy thirst can’t never be satisfied. He’s always out a looking fornew blood! He hides in the eaves of the old buildings. He hides whereever it’s dark and he waits for new prey. And whenever a human comesnigh the dreadful wheer swoops down upon him, clutches him up in hisgreat curved talons and plunges his needle deep into him and stings himsenseless. Then he whooshes away with them to his dismal nest and hestacks them up rigid with the others he stung and brought there. Hestacks them up all live and stiff like cord wood and he drinks fromthem. And he gets thirstier and thistier and thistier and thirstier andhe won’t never stop! What’s that noise? It’s him! I can see him plain!Right outside my window! Only thing is…. I ain’t got no blood!!