BLACK ROSE BAND Hot Box / Hoochie Poochie 7”

King Louie’s new rockband. Yeah, rock.. Louie says this is his fullblownrockband, making pop songs mixed up with Thin Lizzy and New Orleans roots/swamppop. And it’s pretty fucking great too. I love his songwriting andguitarplaying. This single is pretty trashily recorded, it kinda lacks bottombut it sounds really cool anyway. Louie tells me they’re heading into a realstudio to lay down a full album. I know they’re gonna deliver.

(Thomas) Contaminated Records


Not much happens to Guitar Wolf’s rock’n’roll. Despite the demise ofBass Wolf Billy’s death two years ago they kept going. This is new Bass WolfUG’s first record. And sure, not much has happened but I’m not sure I’d wantprogress from Guitar Wolf. They are now and will forever be the world’s coolestband. When they played Stockholm the first and only time they almost made theboat they played at sink. At a furious pace they played a magical show for twohours. There’s no entertainment like it. “Dead Rock” is only released in Japanso far but when they hit Europe this summer I’m sure it will be everywhere.It’s not their best one, far from it, but it’s more than okay. The productionis a little boring, kinda flat but as usual there’s plenty of feedback andnoise and the songs are always cool. There’s no other band that lives, breathesand just oozes as much r’n’r as Guitar Wolf, and try to live up to the myth.They sleep with sunglasses on, live in their leather outfits and in their veinsthere’s as much booze flowing as their is blood.

(Thomas) Ki/Oon Records


What always seemed to me a one off project from some old buddies from theMarked Men, Riverboat Gamblers and Reds a few years ago is now a showing itselfto be a real band. This is their second album and it’s a more mature band thistime. Sounds a little boring but it’s not. Their punkrock on the first recordwas great but here they’ve found a little more of their soul I think. Moresoulsearching, more touching. They either sound like a lot of other bands ornothing else at all. More is varied, there’s new wave, punkrock, catchinessabounds and loads of feelings. Me and my best friend were driving around Texaslistening to this and we didn’t understand a thing at first. It seemed slower,boring, nice.. after giving it a few shots it started growing on us and it justkept on growing. This is the record of the summer. It should terminate allradiostations with constant rotation in a more perfect world but it’s notlikely to happen so just go out and fucking buy it already.

(Thomas) Dirtnap Records

KING AUTOMATIC I Walk My Murderous Intentions Home LP/CD

French multiinstrumentalist and one man band King Automatic is back with hissecond album on Beat-man’s cool label. Unfortunately Voodoo Rhythm is more cooland fun that really great but sometimes there’s more than that. Like this. KingAutomatic also fits prefectly on VR. There’s no other label for him. His recordis filled to the brim with garagerock, surf, trash, blues, horror, film noir,organ.. This is really cool stuff. Good songs, a cool and original sound thatisn’t only over the top but really great. The sleeve is really cool lookingtoo. It’s fucking unbelievable that he can play all the instruments live. Nooverdubbing at all. It’s supposed to be a real sight live. (Thomas) Voodoo Rhythm Records


The Motards never reached stardom, well not more than their amazingsingle on Rip Off Records anyway. This is a comp of long lost shit, b-sidesetc.. And it’s great stuff. That this LP consists of b-sides and unreleasedstuff makes me revalue them a bit. They were one of a bunch of a cool bandsputting out cool singles on Rip Off, their LP on Empty was pretty cool and thisis pretty cool too. Really good stuff actually. I think you need this.

(Thomas) Gonna Puke Records

THE WATZLOVES Catche Me a Possum LP/CD

The Watzloves is a little like DM Bob & the Deficits, and you’ll find DMBob in the Watzloves too but here it’s his girlfriend Silky doing the singingand writing most of the songs. This is a little more traditional androcksounding that their previous records. It’s a bit more rocksounding than itis cajun which takes it down a notch. The slow songs aren’t really working butthe lyrics are funny. Not their best record, get something else by them or pickup something by DM Bob instead.

(Thomas) Voodoo Rhythm Records

WOODEN TIT Return  To Cinder LP

Here’s a nice surprise. Don Howland of Bassholes and Gibson Bros fame isback with a new band, and it’s great of course. Sounding much like theBassholes, has a lot do with Howland’s voice of course, but this band has kindof the same approach to music as it’s predecessor. Don’t know if this meansthat the Bassholes are history now but if that’s the case they’ve left amagnificent trail of records behind and don’t fret, if Wooden Tit is the futureit sure looks like they’re gonna deliver. Great sounding, fantastic songs,atmospheric and tight production and it doesn’t sound exactly as the Bassholeseither, this is something new. There’s a bassplayer and sometimes the drummerplays clarinet which gives Wooden Tit a much fuller sound than that of theBassholes. Wow, this is amazing. Get this!

(Thomas) Hate Records