German countryrockband. Pretty good actually, recorded by DM Bob for a greatbig sound that fist them like a glove. This is a lot more rock that it iscountry but it really sounds american and that really saves it. I can imaginelistening to this while driving in the States and it feels pretty cool. Forfans of Supersuckers country maybe. They do a bunch of choice covers like“These Boots Are Made For Walking”, “Stuck In The Middle” and the Jello Biafraclassic “Too Drunk Too Fuck”. Yeah, this is pretty good. Check it out if youthink you like the stuff I’m describing. (Thomas)



Jay Reatard, know from the Lost Sounds, Reatards,Angry Angles, Final Solutions have taken the final step and recorded a soloalbum. For simplicitys sake I’ll just say that this doesn’t really sound likethe  Reatards or the Final Solutions.It’s more of some sort of continuation of the Lost Sounds and it’s kind ofimpressive. A bunch of fantastic songs, great production and this just growsand grows. I always get a little disappointed when he doesn’t play punkrockcause I just love how it sounds when he does that, but when it’s this goodthere’s just nothing to do but bow down to the man’s genius. (Thomas)

In The Red Records

THE MONSTERS The Worst of Garage Punk Vol 1 DBL-CD

The Monsters are okay in my book but not more. Theirtrashy, no-fi psychobilly works best in small doses and this double albumscompiling odds, ends and live is a bit too much for me. If you love them thisis a must. Had this been about the Gories or Oblivians I would have been allover it but the Monsters are a little too much hit and miss for me. SorryBeat-man. It’s a great package nevertheless and Monsters lovers everywhere willbe going nuts I hope. (Thomas)

Voodoo Rhythm Records


Yeeehaaa! The Raunch Hands are back! They’re one of myabsolute faves and they made a whole bunch of amazing records in the 80’s and90’s on Crypt and other labels, then shut down only to resurface again earlythis century. The reunion was recorded and put out by Crypt a couple of yearsago and it showed they still had IT. Something a whole lot of bands don’t have.I guess they couldn’t stay away from each other any longer cause the Mikes areback (Chandler, Edison and Mariconda). They met up in Austin using Mariconda’snew band the Stepbrothers and recorded a new cooll record. And it’s a cool oneeven if they’re a bit rusty at times. There’s a few duds but out of eleventunes there’s at least seven or eight killers that shows that so important ITagain. There’s no band that can make it swing like the Raunch Hands can. Thepick up their influences from wherever and mix it into a musical cocktail thatjust tastes great. Fuck this is great. Now I’m happy. (Thomas)

Licorice Tree Records


Debut for these Austrian girls (I think) and also thedebut of this cool new label from Johnny from the Fe Fi Fo Fums. The Maclainesare in the same vein as the FFFF’s. Fun garagerock done budgetrock style. It’skinda slow and a little awkward at times but that just lends a lot of charm. Ifyou’re into bands like the aforementioned FFFFs, Supercharger, Mummies, BoomBoom Records etc then by all means check out the Shirley Maclaines! (Thomas)

Heads Up Records

SONIC ANGELS Times Are Changing CD

Hardworking French band but this is pretty boringrock. Not much to say about this it just doesn’t go anywhere. (Thomas)

Subsonic/Rock Palace


Another one in the Rolling Stones cover series, and it certainly looks like thecoolest one to date. Black Lips cover “What To Do” and it’s a very friendly andfun version that fits them very well. Nothing out of the ordinary. Demon’sClaws have chosen “Factory Girl” and it’s more an extraordinary thing, prettystrange and noisy but fairly cool. Would have been even more fun though ifthese two great bands had chosen some of the Stones more rollicking numbers andreally made a go at making them really rock and roll. We’ll just have to waitand see if there’s gonna be one of these little singles that will really blowus away. (Thomas)

Norton Records