Tell me about your new record? I’ts called “A Real Good One” - I guess that means you’re happy with it?

A: Ooooh, I LOVE the new record! Yes! I’m happy as hell with it, Ithink it sounds great and really captures what we’re about. It rules!It’s my favorite thing we’ve done. It’s so good. We’re playing so well.It was fun working with Jim Diamond, he stayed out of our way and letus do our thing. We set up the studio so that I could sing and playguitar live with the band and it made all the difference. We recordedit in 3 days in Brooklyn and then I went to Detroit for two days andmixed it with Jim. It was so easy.

How did you end up on Gern Blandstein? It’s not really a garagerock/r’n’r label?

Gernkingpin, Charles Maggio is an old friend of mine. He called me up lastOctober and asked if we’d like to do something. I knew that it was astrange and unexpected match up, and I kind of liked that. It’s good toshake up peoples preconceptions. Charles gets his records out there,and I want people to hear my band. That’s a good combo. He has animpeccable reputation among the bands on his label, a loyal fan base,and he really loves the Little Killers. So, Sara and I went to meet himdown at a bar here in Brooklyn to talk about putting out a record.After two minutes I knew it was the right thing to do. Charles is astraight shooter, he’s been in bands, he’s toured, he knows the deal.He’s just a great guy, which I already knew being his friend, but Ididn’t know anything about how he ran his label. It turns out he’s gothis shit together.

Did Crypt consider putting out the new one or is Tim back in ‘never gonna put out a modern band again’-mood?

A:I don’t know, you’d have to ask Tim. There was a point after the firstrecord came out where it becameobvious to me that there wasn’t going to be a second one on Crypt. Therelationship between the label andthe band wasn’t the greatest. Don’t get me wrong I love Tim, we’refriends, we talk on the phone all thetime. It’s kind of weird to talk about it because I don’t want to givepeople the wrong impression. I justthink that it both parties were unsure of where they stood with eachother from early on in the relationship. I’m really proud of the factthat Crypt put out the record. It was a big fuckin’ deal for a lot ofpeople. ( It’s funny, Tim just called, the guy’s got great timing!)

How did your debut sell? Did it do okay?

A:Onceagain, you’d have to ask to Tim, I haven’t heard anything about salesin a while. From what I understand it did alright. It’s not like Idon’t care, I don’t want anyone thinking “oh look at him, he’s taking adig at Tim” beause I’m not. I really don’t know how it did.

What’re the plans for the foreseeable future?

A:It’s hard to tell, Kari’s coming back today from an extended tripacross South East Asia, I haven’t seen her in 4 12 months. So we haveto get together and practice a bit. I’m itchin’ to play. We haven’tplayed since we recorded in November.

Any tourplans for Europe?

A: Nothing planned. I wouldn’t mind doing a short one. We’ll see.

..for the US?

A:Same here, The US doesn’t really hold much of an attraction as far astouring goes. It’s big and ugly. But I wouldn’t mind a short trip hereand there to drop in and see some friends.

Any new singles etc coming?

A: I don’t know, we’ve been so busy getting the album together we haven’t really thought about it. It’s beenin the back of my mind for a couple of weeks actually, I just haven’t mentioned it to anyone.

What’s the NYC scene like these days?

A: Maybe it’s me, but it seems a little slow. That’s not bad, it’ll pick up soon.

Well, guess that’s it..what do you have to add?

A: I just want to thank everyone for all of their support and I hope that they like the new record. Play it LOUD!!!!