So what’s Black Time about? Are you a new band? Do you like the Monks?? We was in Lemmy Caution’s basement the week after someof our previous bands imploded, to get drunk and dance to hiscollection of soul + punk 45s. At some point in the confusioninstruments were picked up and the resulting mess planted the seed ofthe band. The point is talent over ability, ideas over proficiency,energy over competence - ACTION…TIME…AND VISION!!! Yeah of course we love THE MONKS!! Shaved patches in your hair and fuzz banjo is the future baby!

What are your other influences? Random selection of scratched vinyl lying by the record player:ELECTRIC EELS, BO DIDDLEY, SUICIDE, MINOR THREAT, FLESHEATERS, CRIME,HUGGY BEAR, JONNY KIDD & THE PIRATES

You put the record out yourselves on ConcreteLife Records, is this your first recordings? What was Concrete Life’sfirst record? Concrete Life was set up to put out a 10″ e.p. by Lemmy’s previous bandTHE HOTWIRES - as we were putting out the Black Time album ourselves itwas easier to just keep the name going. There might be more releasesbut there’s no fucking money…we’re all doing boring soul-destroyingdayjobs all hours trying to save up to put a 7″ out one fine day.

Future plans? Any new releases? Touring? More staring out, more being stared out, more friction,more trouble…hands balled into fists thrust into pockets walking downthe street starting at my shoes getting spat on by strangers…we aregoing to destroy northern europe later this year and then attack theusa if you are all good boys and girls.

What about the London scene? What bands do you like etc.. Do you play live a lot? Occasionally we have rent parties at our dilapidated north Londonmansion at which we plug in and terrify our friends with improvisedcovers of Black Sabbath, Black Flag, “Black Is Black, I waaannnttt myba-beee back” etc etc. In London you should go to shows by THE ULCERS,COUNTRY TEASERS, LOS RAW GOSPELS, DIRTY SWITCHES, WET DOG, THE BATTYS,SUBWAY SLIMS, KILL KILL KILL, LUNAR JET MAN, THE PRISCILLAS, PART CHIMPetc and learn some lessons about how to play rocknroll yeah yeah.

Any current records/bands you’d like to hip us to? THE REAL LOOOOOSSSSSEEEERRRRRRRSSSSS, TYRADES, the french connection: FATALS/CHEERAKS/MAGNETIX/VOLT etc, KELIS, THE MOTHERFUCKERS (UK), SEXAPHONE, HOT POCKETS, SAVAGE LUCY, THIS AIN’T VEGAS, Bompiliation CD of Jerseybands, the picture desk 7″ I just found in a charity shop of “WhenDoves Cry”.