THE ZIPHS - Thinking About You 7” DELIVERANCE BROTHERS - Stab You In The Back 7” Radio Obligato Records

Debuts all around! The Ziphs finally get a record out after having stuff in the pipeline for a few years. Think King Khan & BBQ Show meets  postpunk maybe. They’ve been one of my fave bands outta Stockholm for the last few years. This single should really put them on the map, great songs and sound. The Deliverance Brothers consists of Kalle and Jocke from the Manikins but showing off their love for bands like the Reigning Sound and Goodnight Loving. Well done, catchy songs, a tad too clean sounding (isn’t Reigning Sound best when they sound raw?) but definitely a must for fans of especially Goodnight Loving. Both of these are on the cool Radio Obligato label, nice black sleeve with sticker, limited to 300 copies.(Thomas)