SHANNON & THE CLAMS - I Wanna Go Home LP 1-2-3-4-Go! Records

Shannon is prolly best know for her work in Hunx & his Punx but this, in her own glory with a great band is at times awesome! Caught them live before listening to this and that was great. The records has some downs like the more hardcore moments which could work (like it does really well for the King Khan & BBQ Show) but mostly brings me out of the nice, sunny feeling that I’m having while listening to the rest of the record. The first side is pretty magnificent while the B-side starts out with, in my mind, three duds. I’m pretty sure that stuff works out better live though. When this is great it’s great.. Shannon can sing like a goddess! And the slower more r’n’b-y songs really showcase her voice and fit it really well. (Thomas)