SAINTS & SINNERS VOL 1-2 LP Sheik Records

Cool comps of sheiking rockabill and rhythm & blues from the 50’s and 60’s. Nice packaging, oriental style fitting the funny labelname. A lof of unknowns for me, mostly the rockabilly guys, but also some famous ones like Trini Lopez, Lightning Hopkins, Elmore James, Little Walter.Liners for each song with some background etc is a nice touch too.The linernotes are touting some of the songs with superlatives and while I’m not sure this is some of the best-ever-songs, there’s a good amount of fantastic stuff and overall, which makes these comps nice, is the mix and set up. They make for some really great listening. And if you wanna party, there’s a fair amount of dancers on here too. Mostly stompers though, but who the heck doesn’t like a stomper?! (Thomas)