APACHE Boys life 7” Douchemaster Records

Finally gotaround to reviewing this great single from last year and by way of 1976 aswritten on the back. Two fantastic punkrock songs from their album on Birdman,might be different takes cause it sounds a bit different. But anyone who saysthey like punkrock should get this, poppy, catchy, energetic and great songs.Man, this is some hot shit!  [TS]

BLACK TIME Play hate songs for blitzkrieg boppers 7” Hate Records

Really coolsingle from one of Europe’s best bands. In the same vein as their other stuffmeaning noisy, hard, driving beat, punky, angry. They’re pretty damn original.Cool shit as always. They’ve released a truckload of stuff the last couple ofyears and while some stuff has been better than others, in the end you’ll kickyourself for missing out on any of their stuff. This one has three originalsongs and a cover of a Lili Z (Volt, Notalents, Splash 4). [TS]

BLACK TIME Double negative LP In The Red Records

Finding newways to invent yourself isn’t the easiest thing to do I amagine but Black Timeis reinventing themselves while still sounding like we expect them to sound.Picking up bits and pieces here and there and taking steps out into newundiscovered territorys. Ending up sounding at times like all the best bandsand keeping their own style all the while. Truly a unique band and one it’salways interesting to hear what they’re gonna do next. This album is excellent![TS]

DIRTYCHINESE THIEVES Über alles LP Selfreleased

Six song12” of punky hardcore. Pretty decent. Kind of in the vein of early Victims orthe like, but not as good. A bit too guitar-heavy and hard. [TS]

GOLDEN BOYS Scorpion Stomp #2 LP PerpetratorRecords

Not sure ifthis is their second album or if that’s just a cool title. Anyway, I do likethe Golden Boys they’ve just never really taken off from “like” for me. Theyhave some great songs here and there and got a pretty cool sound and all..theyjust seem to be lacking that extra punch to push it over the edge. This lpkinda picks up where the last one on Hook or Crook left off, if you like themhere’s more of that stuff for you. There’s some pretty good stuff on here we’llsee if they really win me over with this over time. [TS]

HENRYFIAT’S OPEN SORE Mondo Blotto LP Alien Snatch Records

Latest fromarguably Sweden’s best band. For me they’re just getting better and better andthis LP isn’t any different. Tons of great songs and more of their trademarksound. Just pick it up – by now you should know that what you get from theseguys is pure quality. [TS]

INTELLIGENCE Fido your leash is too long 7” PlasticIdol Records

One of theIntelligence’s weirder releases, not easily digested. Very arty but still kindacool. Although I think I prefer the more straightforward stuff on say the ITRalbums to this. B-side is a very punk. Short and simple – “Shitty world”.Pretty cool. It’s a little more lofi than usual which might bring it down a bittoo. I’d say pick up their albums and go with this when you need more. Prettycool but not essential. [TS]

PHOTOBOOTH Da me tus besos 7” Daggerman Records

Lofi –fucked up – stomping – 60’s garage in Spanish. Kinda hard to to describeactually. Sounds like Los Saicos meeting the Demon’s Claws maybe but with toungin cheek it seems. Pretty cool. I like the energy and driving beat. Recorded byGreg Ashley, and it sounds cool. Lofi but still powerful and with crashingcymbals ringing all the way through. Some kind of budgetrock maybe, catchy andwith flair. [TS]

PVC Anthology 1977-2007 DBL-LP Incognito Records

Complimentto the two CDs out on Incognito. This double LP consists of three sides of livestuff with great sound and one LP of studio stuff from the 90’s. The early live recordings are really fuckingcool. The end of the 80’s and early 90’s live wasn’t that interesting though.The studiorecordings from ’89, ’91 and ’06 on the fourth side wasn’t thatinspsiring either. Stick with the two cool CDs and you’ll be fine. [TS]

RANTOULS S/t 7” ChocolateCovered Records

Pretty coolsixties rock and roll with a lot of flair and energy. More in the folk-y veinthan the punkstuff on say Back From The Grave but still with a youthful andpunky energy. Makes it not-so-retro-sounding and it’s actually real good. Nochartbreakers , just a lot of fun, good songs and a nice sound. [TS]

SPIDER S/T LP Thriftstore Records

Sideprojectof some Spits and friends. This includes the sold out Hozac single and some newstuff. All in all six songs. I like it but it’s definitely not as direct as,say, the Spits. I especially fell for the first song, it’s really really cool.The rest of the stuff might grow on me but for now it’s not really my cup oftea. I’d say this is more in the vein of Blank Dogs and this fairly new thingthe American’s have got going. Noisy but catchy and lofi and dark. Some of itis cool but it hasn’t tickled my fancy just yet. I’ll keep listening though.[TS]

TEMPOS Speaking of… LP Norton Records

One of thebest obscure ’66 garage LPs. This was put out by Crypt in the 80’s but it’sbeen long out of print and definitely deserves the reissue treatment (all overagain). They’ve got a cool Back From the Grave sound and a high percentage oforiginal songs. They cover “Last Time”, “You’re Gonna Miss Me”, “Money” but doit in such a good way, and as it was a standard thing to do at the time, thisstands out as a really cool document of a band that did a little more than justthat one seven inch. [TS]

VIVIANGIRLS I can’t stay 7” In The Red Records

Don’tbelieve the hype..or what? Where’d the hype come from to start with? I have noidea.. This is okay but nothing special. Don’t know what to make of this, guessit’s the hype that makes it harder to judge this on it’s own merits. Prettydecent stuff somewhere between rock and pop. The a-side is okay, the b-side isboring. It’s a bit arty sounding which I guess has made them end up on ITR.Hope they sell tons of records and make some money for Larry. [TS]

v/a – MADMIKE MANIACS vol 1-3 LP NortonRecords

Damn coolnew series of comps covering the broad spectrum of rock and roll. Garage, surf,rhythm and blues..all the rage! This might be a bit redundant for people thatare really into this stuff cause you’ll most likely already have a good chunkof this. BUT – these comps are the tits anyway! Amazing songs, great sound, fantasticsleeves and I can just imagine getting this and not having heard this stuffbefore and being blown away by it. And even if you are a big-time collector ofthis stuff you’re sure to find something new on here as Mad Mike was alwayslooking for the craziest and rockinest songs not on the charts. There’s just somuch amazing stuff on these comps it’s hard to know where to start off talkingabout it… Just take my word for it – YOU need these!!! [TS]

v/a –VOODOO PARTY LP University of Vice

Absolutelyamazing! Cinematic voodoo/jungle music a’la Perez Prado. Calypso Joe, LosAragon, Jose Sola, Dulce Maria and Noro Morales are some of the artists.. I’venever heard of any of them. University of Vice once again gives the worldtreasures of a forgotten age. Good job! This would go well in any film noirs,jungle adventure flicks, devil worshipper b-movies.. It’s just plainmindblowing – so fucking great! I love it! Big orchestras, huge sounding,amazing songs… You need to hear this before you die! [TS]

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