BoomtownGems LP Birdman

Growing tolike this more and more. Very polished, but coolsounding vocals makes it sounda bit powerpop, the wild guitars make it sound a bit hardrock, but the overallsound is all punkrock. Kinda reminds me of the Time Flys but Apache is better.Think I’m gonna be loving me some Apache soon..this is hard not to like. [TS]


200 MillionThousand CD ViceRecords

Prettysurprising new record as it’s kinda soft and mellow-sounding and almostcompletely lacking in uptempo songs. Great dirty and raw recordings though andit’s a nice li’l record. And it really does feel like a little record. It fitsin nicely in their discography and it might win them more fans as it might beeasier to “get” for casual listeners. Think of this as the Black Lips doing aBeach Boys album. The sound and feel of it is that it’s really similar to theirfirst two records except it’s almost only ballads. Very folky. It’s very looseand cool. It’s a good album. Don’t think anyone will be disappointed. [TS]


Exit DreamsLP In The RedRecords

Like acrossing of their first and second albums. This, their last effort as it seemstook a while to come out but it’s certainly worthy of it’s release although thebands not around any more. Weird and powerful,quirky and punky. I’ll always like their first LP and especially the “DanceAlone” 7” but this is good too, just not as good. Buy hey, this is for fans ofboth their early and later sounds so it’s the perfect parting gift. [TS]


I fought acrocodile 7” Rob’s HouseRecords

How greatare these guys anyway!? This is absolutely ripping! The titletrack is amazing.Danceble and with an awesome riff. Kinda like an old soulsong but with thatpatented Jacuzzi sound. B-side is a slow burner but as always really great. TheJacuzzi Boys are the tits!! [TS]


Ghosts LP Fortune 7” DirtnapRecords

Thefarewell onslaught from the Marked Men has started. Be on the lookout for moresingles coming this spring. It’s not like I’m gonna complain, I love this shit!The “Fortune” 7” is/was a nice taste of what was to come on the album and Ifell for the titlesong immediately. The exclusive b-side is kinda strange forthe Marked Men but it’s allgo really good so get the single too while yer atit. On to “Ghosts”, man this is great. I’m gonna be missing these guys a lot.There’s really no other band like them. “Ghosts” sounds and feels like a mix ofall their previous stuff. It’s a bit faster and punkier than the latest onesbut sounds as good as them. Might be closest to their debut actually and that’snot a bad thing. If you’ve like them before this, you’ll love this album too.Just get it! [TS]