THE ACT-UPS Play the old psychedelic sounds of today LP Groovie Records

Pretty “rocking” garage. Not really my cup of tea. The vocals are kind of annoying, sounds too professional or something maybe. Haha..don’t really know how to describe it. The music is kinda retro 60’s garage but way more rocking in a modern way. Nah, not my thing at all. [TS]

BRAINBOMBS Fucking Mess LP Lystring

Never really got the Brainbombs, I mean they’re cool and all but never got what kind of made them the best and most mythical band in the genre. “Fucking Mess” is their first fullenght in quite a while and the first record for comicbook/book publisher Lystring. Of course it sold out really fast. This is the best I’ve heard the Brainbombs actually. Production is cool and heavy and the songs slow and brooding. I’m guessing that if you’re a Brainbombs fan you’ll be pretty happy with this record. [TS]

FEELING OF LOVE Petite tu es un hit LP Yakisakana Records

Debut fullenght and it’s pretty good. Definitely up to the pretty high standards of their earlier releases. At times it gets a little too slide-guitar-bluesy for me but then it usually switches back to the more stomping, noisegarage after a while and gets interesting again. Maybe not the best fullenght as it’s kind of uneven but it’s well worth your time if you’re into the cool new French scene. [TS]

FIGURES OF LIGHT Smash Hits LP Norton Records

Really fucking unbelievably great! Inept, loud, stupid and cool as fuck pre-punk from around 1970 to ’72, returned to life in 2007 with a live show and some new recordings of old songs – and still sounding great! This truly is a find! For fans of the Pagans, Aussie punk, DMZ…you’ll love this! [TS]

LOVE BOAT Imaginary Beatings of Love LP Alien Snatch Records

Cool new Italian trio, kinda souding like fellow pizza’s the Mojomatics mixing it up with the Black Lips. Pop songs, twangy guitars, an overall playfullness and danceble at all times. Good songs and live they’re really good. Nice platter full of slices of great r’n’r! [TS]

MISS CHAIN & THE BROKEN HEELS Lie 7” Shake Your Ass Records

This is a bit too soft for me but I do like the songs, poppy and quite catchy. But why so soft? Let’s go raw and wild guys! Haha, I know this is how they want it to sound but I can’t help wanting it to be punkrock instead of powerpop. [TS]

TRADITIONAL FOOLS S/t LP Make A Mess/Wizard Mountain

A twelve song Lp on 45 rpm from these young ho-dads playing “traditional” garage/surf kinda like the Headcoats but trashing it waaay up like the Mummies and with a lot of gusto and soul. This is great stuff, even though it’s not very original but done up with a good sense of fun and rock and roll really saves it and takes them way beyond the regular “retro-garage” bands. Good stuff! Also check out drummer Ty Segall’s solo career. These kids are well worth keeping an eye on! [TS]

THEE VICARS… Let us play 7” (Dire) Don’t try to tell me 7” (Dirty Water) Back on the streets LP (Dirty Water)

Cool new British punkrock. Budgetrock at breakneck speed or punkrock with a budget sound. Trashy and swingin’. Cool stuff. Think Rip Off Records with Billy Childish vox and sensibilities. Great songs, cool sound and enthusiasm that just drips off the vinyl. The two singles both sound great. The LP is lacking a little soundwise but still holds up really well. Wanna see them live soon! (TS)

TY SEAGALL Skin 7” Goodbye Boozy

Absolutely amazing! “Skin” that opens the single is fantastic! One man band from out of the Traditional Fools. Blown out sound and great songs. Part surf, garagetrash, weirdpunk and 100% great songwriting. This is not something to pass by. Pick it up and behold the awesomeness! [TS]

ZODIACS The primitive instrumental sounds of.. 7” Norton Records Super rare find by the Norton folks. Super primitive and super rough. Pretty cool but not a must in any way. For fans of surf and instro rock’n’roll like Link Wray. [TS]

v/a JACUZZI BOYS / KING KHAN 7” Florida’s Dying Records

This one’s absolutely essential. The Jacuzzi Boys are just plain amazing and going from fantastic to excellent with each release. King Khan’s song on here is great too. Awesome and moody and just really hits home. Get this! [TS]