Reviews from Terminal-boredom.com:

Guinea Worms “Lost and Found” 7” After years of waiting and CD-Rs (and one lonely 7”) and being one ofthe best bands no one has ever heard of, the Guinea Worms are finallygetting the vinyl releases they deserve thanks in part I imagine to therecent rise of other (less good) Columbus bands. So at least somethinggood has come out of Times New Viking’s rise to fame. Zing! “Lost andFound” is the kind of Fall-like turn that got people referring to themas a Midwestern Country Teasers. Slightly off-kilter beat, effectiveand minimal synth bleats, deadpan vocals. Great song. “Jeans and Heels”on the flip is more of the same, with a heavier vibe, a DIY-pop-likebreak and a triumphant ending. As much as I enjoyed “Box of Records”,this is the Guinea Worms I’ve been waiting for a long time to hearemanating from slabs of black wax. Now if they could just start playingsome fucking shows outside of Columbus, I’d be all set…Scum stats:500 copies on black.(RK) (Savage Records // www.savagemagazine.com)

Haunted George “The Buzzards Ate His Flesh” 7” First Haunted George recording released with Jimmy Hole on secondguitar. Sounds like a great idea to me! “Buzzards…” is acreepy-crawler that barely moves, but just kind of swirls and buzzes ina slightly forward motion. George’s vox seem to emanating from ahellmouth of some sort with a sickening echo-delay. This is what BlackSabbath would sound like if they were two guys from some ghost town inDeath Valley instead of the factories of Birmingham. Superb. “The Tomb”kicks it out a little bit, reminiscent of some of the work these twodid in a nasty little outfit I loved called the Necessary Evils. If youdon’t remember them, then you’re no friend of mine. Straight-up sicksounding guitar effects. One of, if not the best, of Haunted George’ssingles, the extra guitar actually does punch-up/creep-out things afair bit, and this really reminded I should listen to my HG recordsmore often. Upcoming LP on the In the Red! Scum stats: 500 copies, 100on green.(RK) (Savage Records // www.savagemagazine.com)

All three comes with a password to download the songs digitally from this website.

Haunted George - The Buzzards Ate His Flesh b/w The Tomb 7” 500 copies, including 100 on green vinyl. Haunted George’s first release with Jimmy Hole on 2nd guitar. Upcoming LP/CD on In The Red early next year. This stuff awesome.

Guinea Worms - Lost and Found b/w Jeans and Heels 7” 500 copies on black vinyl. From the makers of the hitsingle “Box of Records”. They’re the proprietors of the Columbus, Oh sound of right about now. Imagine the Cheater Slicks having a bastard child with MOTO.

Maaster Gaiden - Sayonara b/w She’s With Him + Get Sick and Die 7” First release on Whole Lotta Records, Stockholm Sweden. 500 copies including 100 on golden-ish vinyl. New kids outta the Denton/Ft Worth/Carrolton, TX area. Taking punkrock to new heights! For fans of Marked Men, Hex Dispensers, High Tension Wires.