A journey with the Burbank Choppers car club By Laurent Bagnard

In my mailbox I one day find this beautiful book about the Burbank Choppers. Legendary car club outta Cali. Kind of in the same style as the amazing Hot Rod by David Perry. Photos and some texts by French guy Laurent Bagnard, car aficionado.

He follows the six guys of the Choppers around, snapping photos of their cars and reminiscing about the great ol’ days. It’s a nice read and the photos are beautiful. Never, I say never, would you think that some of these were shot a few years ago. Looks like the fifties to me. The photography is classic and beautiful, mixing color with some black and whites. And as far as the whole rock & roll and cars/hot rods go, I’m as weary of that as you, but here it’s kinda modest. And well, they do go well together.


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