ALEX FACE Smell Likea Woman CD

BluesExplosion-style garageblues from Gothenburg. Not really a hit but it’stolerable. They’re falling into the typical traps with boring music, over thetop vocals and trying to make it hard but it ends up sounding more metal thangarage. Nope, not really anything special. Too bad..

(Thomas) Alleycat Records


Great new record from this band that just keeps getting better. 14 songs on 45rpm with enough speed and energy to keep ten bands going. Great songs, catchyas all get out.. especially the titletrack, “Dean Dirg Raus” is gonna fill alot of dancefloors.

(Thomas) Wasted Sounds


VICIOUS Alienated CD

Two of the seemingly endless supply of new punkbands outta Umea. Disconveniencedoes it pretty much old school style. Ten fast punkers and also including theirdebut 7”. They’ve got some flair and pretty good female vocals and hardhittingpunk that’s more punkrock than hardcore. The Vicious got ten new songs andtheir two singles on Wasted Sounds and Feral Ward. The Vicious sound has, forme at least, more to to with bands like Lost Sounds than the rest of the Umeascene. They’re pretty cool actually. Maybe nothing that really slays me butthey’ve got a cool sound and could very well make it big time.

(Thomas) Wasted Sounds / Ny Vag Records

FE FI FOFUMS I Just Wanna Boom Boom Girl 7”

The Fumsare one of my fave bands these days, keeping their spirits high and dry. Thisis another cool one from them even though it doesn’t have the hit of theirrecent singles. The b-side is a fucking great ballad style love song. Awesome!“I Just Wanna..” is

(Thomas) Rob’s House


New onefrom under the bed, and follow up to the oft-times great debut “Too Much Love”.I’m not getting into this one as much as the first one, there were some realkillers on “Too Muchh..” that really won me over, and those hits are what’skinda lacking on “I’m Your Man” unfortunately. There’s some good stuff but it’smore anguish taking over, in the form of some noise and experimental styles.It’s good, but not as breathtaking as the debut.

(Thomas) Goner Records


New onefrom Jack Oblivian and of course it’s a good ‘un. Pretty moody, but there’ssome dancenumbers on here too. Some stuff might not be up to snuff but thegreat stuff far outweighs the mediocre, as with all his post-Oblivians stuff(except for the Cool Jerks, which I didn’t like that much). Great stuff for thecar, great stuff for listening to at night. Get this!

(Thomas) Dirt CheapDate Records

JEFFREYJAMES & THE IDIOTS Hotsy-Totsy CD EP New Finnish band made up of members from bands like Larry & the Lefthanded,20 Minuters and Phantom 409. Two originals and two covers, they’ve got a prettycool sound but it doesn’t take me by storm, kinda like a Finnish Cramps maybe.Pretty cool anyway..they’ve obviously have the right influences, I think it’sthe production that takes it down a bit for me. I think it’s a little too bigand clean for this kinda stuff. Makes it sound a bit too pscyhobilly-akin. (Thomas) Trashcan records


A littlebit of a letdown for me, I loved the first record. This new one is still new tome and might not have sunk in yet but it’s lacking the great sound and songsfrom the first, also self-titled 12”. I love their sound but it just seemsthey’re going in another direction than the Necessary Evils-noise delivered ontheir debut. Still it’s good stuff and anyone liking bands like A-Frames,Intelligence, Brainbombs, Necessary Evils will want to check this out. I justhope they’re back at good old (and more garagey form) next time.

(Thomas) In The Red Records

LOVER! One in aBillion 7”

Whoa, great fucking debut single from Rich Crook’s (Reatards, Lost Sounds,Knaughty Knights) new Memphis outfit. Actually this is mostly Rich by himselfand calling in some friends when he needs ‘em. This single kicks the lp’s asstoo, the sound and energy and songs on this here li’l disc is awesome! Youcould say this is his continuation of where the Knaughty Knights left off. Highin energy and with hooks galore. I’d kind of put this in the same vein as theMarked Men but with a Memphis-vibe. Don’t miss Lover! On tour in Europeoctober-november 2007.

(Thomas) Solid Sex Lovie Doll

MANS High 7”

Stompin’bluespunk in the same vein as Ape City R&B (who’re great!), in that kindaGories way. Cool as all get out actually. “High” is awesome. Their Stockholmshow was a spectacle which lasted way too long and had way too much vomit butwhat else to expect when you put those two freaks up on stage. “Bad For YouBaby” on the b-side isn’t as great but a cool trashy punky thingie. Real coolsingle – get this!

(Thomas) Yakisakana

MARY WEISS DangerousGame LP

Mary Weissof the Shangri-La’s backed up by the Reigning Sound and with songs by (amongothers) Greg Cartwright..sounds like it could be really cool. But it’s mostly aletdown, it sounds like it could’ve been okay but it’s just lacking in everydepartment; songs, energy, production.. Mediocre at best.

(Thomas) Norton Records

MOTORAMA Dirttrack Specialist CD

Not theItalian band with the same name (bad name btw, why two bands would want itbeats me). This is an American band citing bands like Ramones, Motorhead, AC/DCand others as their inspiration. Not very much my cup of tea as I don’t hear alotta good stuff in there anywhere. Hard and annoying..

(Thomas) Last ChanceRecords

THE NAGZ WrongDirection 7”

Secondrelease from cool new Stockholm label, Radio Obligato. The Nagz are also fromStockholm, featuring members from the Maggots, Voladoras, Henry Fiat’s OpenSore etc. They lovepowerpop, and this is powerpop.. very nice production, sweet songs. I findmyself wanting them to cut loose. Never was a big fan of powerpop though. Thisis pretty good anyway. Bit too nice for my primitive tastebuds, but coolanyways. If you’re a PP-fan, then by all means check this out. Better than mostof what I’ve heard in the genre.

(Thomas) Radio Obligato Records

STUPIDITY I Need You… Like a Hole In My Head CD

Heavily80’s garagerock inspired, think Nomads, Fleshtones etc. They do it fairly goodbut lacking some originality. Better than a lot of stuff in this genre latelyanyway..but nothing that really captures me. Starts out pretty good then goesdownhill with a few stinkers, and it doesn’t really pick up from thereunfortunately.

(Thomas) Go FastRecords


Fuckingfantastic rockabilly comp. This totally got me back into rockabilly again afterbeing pretty tired of it for a good may years. The music’s on here, all totallyunknown for me, is just plain and simple amazing. It’s packs a lot of emotion,the songs are varied but sticks to that same overall feel. I must say that theguy that put this together did a beautiful job with it.

(Thomas) Hog MawRecords