THE BLACK & WHITES Fucked Up Heart 7”

New band from Talbot Adams of Royal Pendletons fame. Pretty nice but notgoing all the way. Nice full sound and catchy songs. Like a more powerfulsounding Nerves. But it really sounds old. Like an old johnny Thunders recording.I’m sick and tired of power pop as the new big thing. It’s just so lame most ofthe time. This is so much more and that makes it nicer, can’t help but thinkthat these songs would make great punkrock tunes though. Go for more fury!

(Thomas) Shattered Records

THE BLINDS Lost + 3 7” Debut release from this Uppsala crew. Actually both the new ken Rock releaseshas their origins in Uppsala as that’s where most if not all the members inSnuffe By the Yakuza also hail from. Anyway, back to the Blinds. These guys arekinda the dirty and more punky sounding opposite of the Regulations. This kindapunk/hardcore is really taking Sweden by storm these days and the Blinds areprobably the best band yet. Four punk hc-sounding dittys but with way morepunkrock than usual. Great stuff. Check these guys out! They’re playing hc butaren’t afraid to rock out either. Cool shit! (Thomas) Ken Rock Records


Had the pleasure of catching these Memphis cats live in Austin awhileback and they were totally great. This single almost captures their liveshowbut not quite. Anyway, they play great catchy punkrock the way great Memphispunkrock sounds. Think Oblivians, Reatards etc. Yeah. And they write greatsongs too. Fucking great debut! Get it now!

(Thomas) Goner Records

CHUCK VIOLENCE Bandolero Mexicano 7”

One man band with a nice rollicking rock’n’roll sound with a mexicantwist. Songs are kind of forgetttable but it’s still nice. Reminds me a littleof DM Bob maybe as far as contemporaries go. He’s got a lot of rockabillyinfluences and that shines through, it’s way more loud and the guitar is prettycool too. Think this would work for people into the obscure rockabilly artistsreleased on Buffalo Bop and Norton. Nice.


Shit In Can Records


Pissing On The Mainframe 7” Split with VCR 7”

LFD is probably the best new punkrock band to come out 2006. Thesesingles aren’t any letdowns either. I’d easily say pick up anything by LFD andyou won’t be disappointed. “Pissing on the mainframe” has them beating the shitout of three new songs in a dirty no-fi mix that fits them great. As has beenstated before they do take a lot of their cues from GG Allin, but I also hearmore stuff in there, like Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Ramones and the to die forguitars of the sadly defunct Baseball Furies. The split has two more cool ones,nothing new but just more great songs from this very productive band. VCR iswhere the new stuff emerges.. Apparently really young guys in the NYC scene tosee and learn. Obviously they’ve already picked up some bits and pieces hereand there. Cause they’re seriously really really cool. Melodic and garagey butgoing outside of the obvious traps and makeing it interesting, new and cool.Think a more 70’s punk sounding Black Lips recorded really trashy. Way cool!

(Thomas) Douchemaster Records Daggerman Records


S/t 7”

The Potential Johns is/are Jeff Burke from the Marked Men/the Reds soloproject. Anyone who’s heard his songs from the Marked Men and/or the Reds knowshe’s got a real knack for songwriting and writing catchy ones too.  Thatthis stuff has lied unreleased for years is a shame. The single has three songsfrom ’96 or ’97 and another one from 2003. The LP has songs from 2004. Thesingle is good, especially the 2003 song. It’s got better sound and more hooksthan the a-side. The LP though is what knocks me real good. The ChineseTelephones are leaning a bit too much towards poppunk but in the end it’s okay.Four songs that are catchy but not very memorable. The PT’s side is amazinghowever. Five songs that are so catchy and great they melt my heart. Packedwith emotion and hooks. Not unlike the Marked Men but different somehow… Ilove this stuff. Jeff’s a really great songwriter, both lyrics and music is topnotch.  This should be a must for anyonewho likes the Marked Men and the High Tension Wires!!!

(Thomas) Cheeky Git Records Sandwich Man Records

SNUFFED BY THE YAKUZA Fast Livin’ + 3 7”

Static, fast, catchy punkrock outta Stockholm. I like these guys a lotand this is by far their finest release to date. They fit on vinyl suprisinglygood. Their cd’s haven’t really captured their full on frantic live sound butthis does. I like it! They even try a funny little ditty that sounds like a50’s pop tune. Pretty funny but redundant. Just go out and get it though.

(Thomas) Ken Rock Records


Claw You Like A Cat 7” Cool new Denton, Tx band. KBD style punkrock and it’s pretty damn cool.Memorable songs that would measure up against some of the best KBD singles forsure. Don’t know what to say except that if you like Rip Offf Records andKilled By Death this is definitely for you. (Thomas) HoZac Records