Never AGood Time CD

This Detroit band is really a pretty fun garagerock band. With a heavilyblues-drenched vocalist that comes off souding a little like the singer fromthe Detroit Cobras and a pretty cool and fresh production the Avatars doessound pretty good. They’ve been describes as Ramones meets Motown and that’sactually pretty spot on so I’m gonna go with that and just tell you that thismaybe could have been recorded a little “lighter” and cooler but all in allit’s a pretty nice record. For fans of Detroit Cobras, Come Ons, girl groups, (Thomas) No Fun Records


Living InThe Future… LP/CD

Musicallythese guys have been living in the past, they’re heavily influenced by Aussiepunk circa 1977. And it sounds really great. They’ve got the hooks, the popsense and the rock to pull this off. Maybe the songs they’ve penned aren’t asmemorable as, say the Saints, but it does sound great and it makes me want topull out my Aussie stuff and lsiten again. As far as this kind of punkrock gothese days, Beat Beat Beat are great. Most bands attempting this usually fallinto the ‘actionrock’ genre with “heavy, man” guitars and boring songs withsolos that go on for waaaay too long. If you like bands like the aforementionedSaints, Lipstick Killers, Fun Things (who they cover by way of “When theBirdmen Fly”, which sounds good but maybe it should have been left out), thenby all means check this LP out. It’s sure to get your legs achin for thedancefloor and get you pulling out your airguitar!


Alien Snatch Records



More of the wide, mixed variety of styles from these ‘brothers’ obsessed withdeath, funerals and the dark side of life. It’s pretty cool at times and thenext it doesn’t do anything at all for me. The good stuff is far too oftenmixed up with stuff that I don’t like too make me a fan of theirs. Liked thefirst album but they’ve been going downhill from there. I guess if you likedtheir earlier records, you might find you like this one too. (Thomas) Voodoo Rhythm Records


French Lick CD

BasicallyDigger & the Pussycats with an added member playing rock. I thought thiswas gonna be punkrock, with the name and Digger & the Pussycats’ sound itjust got me thinking this was gonna be punkrock inspired by the amazing historyof Australia. But no, this is different, not as easy classifiable either. I’mthinking emo, rock.. I don’t know but it’s not really my thing at all. Which isa shame cause I really like Digger.. But I guess there’s no use in playing thesame thing with two bands. That’s probably why this is different.




Like It Never Happened CD

Here’s a mysterious band. Never heard about them before and I think I’dremember a strange name like that. They’re a drum-guitar duo with a pretty coolsound. It’s simple punkrock but played with flair, energy and it’s catchy toboot. The label is the one that put out the Ape Shits/the Gash split and hassome releases from bands like the Brokedowns. Anyway, Maaster Gaiden is reallycool. Hooky and catchy like the Marked Men (not quite) and minimalistic but notsounding too minimalistic. Seems to be a new trend among duo’s, they sound likefull bands. Their MySpace cites bands like Teengenerate and the Humpers asinfluences and that’s a little bit of how they sound, I’m also thinking NewBomb Turks and other 90’s punkrock luminaries. Wow, this was actually quite asurprise. Surprisingly good too. Check them out.


Big ActionRecords


Feeling Dizzy Honey?! DBL CD

Crazy with a doyble CD but I guess that’s just to separate the cuts cause CD #1 has brand new stuff and CD #2 has their earlier singles, which were all coolfor the most part. This is definitely the cream of the crop of the Finnishscene. No other bands are even coming close to being as good as the Micragirls.They’re also one of the funnest garage bands in Europe cause they’re not retroand they’re really focusing on keeping it real simple and primal. Kudos forthat! The new stuff sounds great and, of course, continues in the tradition oftheir other stuff. Some of the new tracks doesn’t really cut it for me but whenthey go for danceable stuff like “Go Go Gorilla” then it’s right back on track.This is definitely for fans of modern garagerock and garage bands on the‘funner’ side of things, like the Fe Fi Fo Fums.


Bone VoyageRecording Company


Songs For Faraway Lovers LP/CD

A new blastof genuine, americana-styled folksongs done up garage style. Great songwriting,great production..everything’s great! This guitar/drums duo is something out ofthe ordinary at they don’t try to go for a minimalistic sound but rather makeit sound full. The songwriting is heartfelt and simple yet packs a lot ofemotion. They’ve written ten originals and then added two great covers“Stealin’ Stealin’” and “Hard Treavellin’” both old standards worked up tosound like the Mojos. The package of the records is amazing too, from a coolsleeve to an amazing inner sleeve to an added video on the CD. Go out and getthis!


Alien Snatch Records


Take It Slow CD

Long running American garagerock. They’ve been around for about 15 years andthis is their fourth record. I’ve crossed paths with them before but they’ve neverleft any permanent mark in my ears and neither will they this time. The’re fartoo diverse in their style and not exciting enought too keep me listening forany longer amounts of time. I’m saying skip on this CD and buy something elseinstead. There’s a bunch of much better garagerock out there like theMicragirls or the Avatars, both reviewed above.


Get HipRecordings


SoulfulAttack EP 7”

Debut 7”from this (I think) Brooklyn band. And it’s pretty cool. Reminds me of a lot ofstuff without sounding like any one of them. Thinking a little Velvet Underground maybe, a little Suicide… Pretty minimalistic but played great and with a great portion of feeling. Thinkthese guys might be heading somewhere interesting.


Made On The Moon


I’m YourNegative LP/CD

I reallyenjoyed all their singles and had really high hopes for their first ‘real’fullenght. They’ve gone into a real studio and gotten a full blown sound that Ithink they can make work but unfortunately it feels like the songs aren’t quitethere. There’s a great bunch of songs and some really great ones but there’salso a few that doesn’t really cut it. Which is a shame cause this is a greatband, and I think they are gonna do a whole lot better than this in the futureso just consider this the small potatoes while the big guns are being broughtout.




Goddamncool soulcomp. I love this slow stuff too, it doesn’t have to be really wildand crazy to be great soul. This is a compilation of heartwrenching love songsfrom more or less unknown singers that have great voices and have recorded someterrific songs. Recognizable names are Bobby Patterson, Big Maybelle and theKelly Brothers. Essentially a record dedicated to love. Take heed!


Heart SoreRecords


The guyswho did the first Blunderbuss only a few months ago strike again with a new,and I think, even cooler comp of sleazy, raunchy, trashy rockarolla. This isgreat stuff. Some bands from the first volume appear again and some new namespop up. You might have heard some of this before but this is too good a recordto pass on. Some wild stuff for any dancefloor and some crazy stuff to laughat. Excellent!


One Shot


Follow up,and anudda great blues platter in the Downtown Rockin’ series, and I think Imight actually like this one even more than the first one. Some really greatblues rompers mixed up with some grinders. Great shit everything on here.Haven’t heard any one of these tunes before either. Great sound, but lose theporn cover art next time.




Theall-mighty Gonerfest documented thru’ a live DVD and a live CD. The DVD’s thereal treasure. Great sound and above all, great picture quality. This is fun towatch! A lot of these live dvd’s aren’t that great, they get kinda tediousafter a while, it’s not like being there at all.. while this isn’t being thereeither, you really get an urge to go next time. And that’s the best grade thiscan get I think. Must be really really fun to watch for those who were there.The live CD is more of a bonus thing. You get cuts from most of the bands whoplayed and it all sounds great.