What’s up with Live Fast Die? It’s just you? Was it supposed to be like that?

Yeah, I was a little disgruntled with playing music and I had to make some changes in how I was going about things. Problem is it’s a lot harder to change other people. So I figured if I do everything myself I get 100% control over the amount of effort and decision making. Of course if it eats shit than I got no one to blame but myself. Surprisingly enough some people have been into it, so that’s a big plus.

You’ve got a band now with some (in)famous musicians making up the band..who’s who?

Originally, I wanted to have a bunch of different members. Assemble a band do a tour. Next time out see who’s available and do it again. I figured I could just pull from bands that I knew and weren’t busy at that moment. Right now I’ve got Mike from the DC Snipers on bass, Aaron from the Electric Shadows on guitar, and Matt “Billiams” Williams on drums. The lineup is pretty good, but Matt lives in Chicago, and we’re all in Brooklyn so practices are a bitch. We played our first show with Matt when he was in town with The Baseball Furies for the DotDash year three shows this past summer. He was at the bar when I got to the first show and had already decided he would play drums and arrange a slot on the BBQ that Saturday. I said sure and now here’s LiveFastDie Mach 1.

How’d you come up with the name?

Always a big GG fan. Growing up in Littleton, NH you don’t have a shitload of things to be proud of. About the only thing you can count on is that some older kid loves GG and you’re gonna hear about the geege sooner or later. As it turned out my best friend told me about him in like 4th grade. His step aunt, that’s a real word right, his step aunt was Merle’s roommate in Boston at some point, and his step dad was into GG, Ramones, shit like that. So I had the idea that this “band” was gonna be everything the 13 year old me wanted to do, but could or didn’t know how too. LiveFastDie just had that feel.

Tell me about the process of making a song for LFD. Is it easier when it’s just you?

Yes and no. In other bands you can collaborate, like I got some music and somebody else has an idea for lyrics. That can be productive, cool, whatever. Other times I got a whole idea and I know how the song should sound, but I can’t get there because someone else has to play bass, or sing, or play guitar. When I record I do everything so I don’t have to explain or demonstrate and it ends up a lot faster, though some times I wouldn’t mind a little help. Generally, I either hear a whole song in my head and just lay it down, or I’ll sit down with a bass till I do something I like and build the rest of the song around that. Sometimes its just a title, then a bass line, then a song. I write about 80% of the songs on bass.

What did you set out to sound like?

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, I just knew I hadn’t been doing it for a long time. Like I said GG was a big part of my formative years and for about 11 years I wanted to cover his entire first album. So I guess that was the sound. But I didn’t want to just bite off him, I wanted to take what I loved about the early stuff and update it a bit. I really wanted to work in some Roky Erickson shit too. “Paradactyl” is that type of song, mythical evil nonsense shit.

Influences? Current and past.

Well I already beat the GG horse to death. I don’t even really know what influences me. For the first 3 months I was working on these songs I swear I didn’t listen to anything but LiveFastDie. I was really excited and for maybe the first time in my life writing something I felt I would want to own. Not that I haven’t liked what I’ve done in the past, but I think doing everything myself made that possible. Sometimes you’re at the bar just fucking working to go home with some chick that you can’t stand sober just trying to get her home only to find out you got whiskey dick and she tells all your friends. Sometimes it better to cut out with a buzz, jerk off, and go to bed. That’s a solo project.

Upcoming releases?

Next month the first single, ‘Guitar star’, comes out on Paddy from the Shop Front’s label, Your Permanent Records. Its like 3 songs in 5 minutes. I haven’t heard the test pressings yet, but I’m fucking excited. If it doesn’t blow one set of speakers Worldwide I failed. I think we’re gonna have a few comp tracks out, but that’s always tricky. One band meeting a deadline is hard enough, let alone 10+. We should have something out on Mike’s label, Baby Killer Records, around the New Year. I got a couple of other things in the works, but I don’t want to jinx anything just yet. Mostly just set up some shows and write four or five more records this month.

What’s it gonna be like to go on tour? Nervous? Are these gonna be your first shows as a band?

No, I’m not nervous, when we get to the first show I’ll feel like I need to puke and shit at the same time, but right now I can’t wait for that moment of indecision. The guys in the band are great, Billiams is like a machine, Mike is always good for some chatter, and Aaron can fucking solo while I change all the strings on my axe. It’s the first time out, we played three shows with three different drummers and now we’re gonna play like nine shows in seven days. By the second or third night we should be playing pretty well. Really I just want to have fun. Believe it or not, I don’t do this cuz I love losing money on the road.