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Wilson Pickett
Live in Germany 1968 LP

Amazing and so fucking wild! Wilson is the man! What a fucking voice. And what a fucking show this must have been.. Wish he was that good when I saw him live in Stockholm five, six years ago. Good sound complete with screaming and cheering from the audience. Really nice. [TS]

Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin
Reverse Shark Attack LP
Kill Shaman

Following up their kick-ass 7” on Goodbye Boozy with a killer mini-LP. This shit rips! Don’t know what to say about Ty’s stuff anymore.. I’ve used up all my superlatives. This stuff us just so fucking great! You owe it to yourself to get this. B-side is a bit weird, it has the really long “Reverse shart attack” which is kind of like four songs packed into one, it has it’s moments but I’ll be spinning the a-side considerably more. [TS]

Sun Ra & His Arkestra
Doo Wop From Saturn & Beyond vol 1: Interplanetary Melodies LP
Doo Wop From Saturn & Beyond vol 2: The Second Stop is Jupiter LP
Rocketship Rock LP
Norton Records

I loved the stuff I heard by from some of these guys on the great “Blowin’ Thru Yokohama” comp a long time ago and it’s really fitting that Norton snags it up. Norton is really the premier label around these days for giving us these long lost treasures. And this really is a treasure. This stuff is weird, danceable, jazzy.. Mostly all of it at the same time. There are some real killers on here too, like “Daddy’s gonna tell you no lie”, “Muck Muck” and “Hot Skillet Mama”, which slays! There are a few alternate takes of songs and some might be a bit too “archival” but it’s such a great package, with linernotes galore in that inimitable Norton-style. [TS]

Tandoori Knights
Pretty Please 7”
Norton Records

King Khan and Bloodshot Bill make up the Tandoori Knights (great name!) and it takes some unexpected turns. The b-side is more what I was expecting, a pretty straight and great r’n’b-flavored stomper. “Pretty Please” however is a slow and moody blues-number by way of India. Khan’s “Indian english” fits perfectly. Nice. [TS]

v/a – Twistin’ Rumble 8 LP
( )

Anudda great danceparty comp. Like the previous volumes, this one has a mix of rock & roll to soul. Some awesome stuff and some “just” cool. I like this series though, it makes for a cool window into another time. [TS]

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