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Got a damn cool looking single in the mail with two bands that both have cool sounding names and I haven’t heard of either one before.. I just thought this is too good to be true.. they probably both suck..

But they didn’t! they’re both fucking AMAZING! Check out the Cheap Thrills and the Nervous Habits and then order their split single from Terminal City Records here:


Your stuff kicks ass! what made you so great?

We are total musical geniuses. Everyday I pick up my guitar, just like thousands of people do around the world, only thing is that when I pick up my guitar, I’m writing tomorrow’s hits today.

So, two unknown bands get together for a split single.. How did that happen?

I wanted to find a good band to do a split with and I had heard the Nervous Habits stuff on Myspace and I asked Mike if he wanted to do a split single. He agreed and we got it done. Simple as that.

Who’s who in the bands? past stuff etc etc..

The Cheap Thrills are Troy-lead guitar/lead vox, Matt1-rhythm guitar/backup vox, George-bass/backup vox, Matt 2-drums. None of us have been in any bands of consequence before.

What’s Terminal City Records?

Terminal City is my label, this single is the first release. When I get a real job and can save money, I want to put out more singles. But for now, this is it.

Who’d win in a poolgame? the thrills or the habits?

Personally I can’t play pool for shit, maybe the other Thrills can, The Habits would probably win.

If you guys were gangs instead of bands..who’d run the neighbourhood? why?

We’d definitely run it all. We’re four wild rockers on a killer groove. We’ll drive our guitars straight thru anyone’s heart. And that’s a fact.

What’d be your sign?

Two fingers up your girlfriend’s skirt.

What do you guys think of the garagepunk scene of today? any hope?

There are a ton of great bands out right now like the Time Flys, Busy Signals, Carbonas, Hipshakes, Headache City….some good labels too like Shit Sandwich and Douchemaster, Shattered. Plenty of good music going on right now, which is kinda why I don’t understand why certain people only listen to older bands, like the only worthwhile punk bands were from the 70s.

What have you got coming up for the future?

We just recorded a handful of new tracks which came out pretty damn good. The songs are better and the production is way crisper and fuller sounding. Hopefully some label will take a chance and put out our next single

Fave label ever?

As far as singles go, Dangerhouse all the way. Pretty much hit after hit, so many amazing singles from great bands like the Bags, Weirdos, Black Randy, X, etc. It’s too bad they didn’t get to put out the Consumers 45 that they were planning on doing. That would have put the label OVER THE TOP in brilliance. As far as full lengths, I’d go with Sire Records in the late 70s: they had the best roster of bands going at one time ever: Ramones, Saints, Dead Boys, Undertones, Rezillos, Richard Hell, etc It’s just too bad Crime didn’t sign on with them like Seymour wanted them too. I also have to give props to Rip Off Records. That label is a huge influence on the Cheap Thrills especially the stuff from the 95-97 “golden era”. So many modern day punk classics…and Greg is still putting out good records no matter what some idiots think.

Fave band? past and present?

My favorite overall has to be the Rolling Stones. Those guys made so many great albums, it’s ridiculous. They are easily the best rock n roll band ever and if you don’t think so, yer pretty much an idiot in my book. Seriously they could go from like baroque pop to real raunchy blues rock and everything in between. Honorable mentions to T Rex and the Ramones

My favorite current band is The Time Flys. I fucking love this band. They are so dumb yet so brilliant at the same time. Their three singles and their LP are all great. Shit, most bands can’t even put out one decent single. I love the glammy lunkheadness of this band and their songwriting is so cool. I like how they write chord progressions that aren’t too obvious yet aren’t too overtly arty or weird or discordant. Great band. I’m definitely lookin forward to their next LP.

Famous last words?

When in doubt, whip it out….


Your stuff kicks ass! what made you so great?

Boredom and alcohol

So, two unknown bands get together for a split single.. How did that happen?

We talked online and troy had the idea to do the split 7 inch so I thought that was a great idea and we went ahead and did it.

Who’s who in the band? past stuff etc etc..

I’m Mike, I play guitar and sing, then theres Joel who plays bass and Tom who plays drums

What’s Terminal City records?

Your new favorite label

Who’d win in a poolgame? the thrills or the habits?

Me and Joel are barely tall enough to see over the top of the pool table so Im gonna have to say cheap thrills take this one.

If you guys were gangs instead of bands..who’d run the neighbourhood? why?

I have a large Spanish family so they'd probably back me up and take over the neighborhood. So really it'd be more like them running it and me standing back and watching and pretending to run things.

What’d be your sign?

A huge thumbs up.

What do you guys think of the garagepunk scene of today? any hope?

Lately its been real cool in our area, a lot of cool bands playing in basements and having fun. So far weve played with or seen some awesome bands in our area (Harrisonburg/Richmond/Charlottesville) like razor ramon, direct control and the dirty fingers, and weve met a lot of cool people and it seems like people our age and older are still really into starting bands and having a good time. Plus, with the amount of bigger bands putting out great stuff, things look real good.

What have you got coming up for the future?

Weve been playing a bunch of shows, just played with the creteens which was great. Were taking a break until august cause joels gonna be in Ireland then well be back playing, our first show back may be with the marked men in august if joels back in time. First thing well do when he gets back is were adding our friend chad to do second guitar and then were gonna record our current set of songs and then do whatever with those. I like the new songs a lot better and hopefully well get some cool recordings.

Fave label ever?

I’m gonna have to go with Dangerhouse or Rip Off. Greg’s still got it with hits like that killawatts album from last year.

Fave band? Past and present?

This is an impossible question to answer. Im gonna go with the Pagans.

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