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Price: 4 euro + postage
Packagedeal: all four new titles on BLACK vinyl, including postage 22 EURO

No more colorvinyl packagedeals - we'll have single copies for sale right here soon. Plus some extremely limited edition colors!

Paypal to: savage AT
Maximum of two colored vinyl copies of each single per order.
Payments accepted in US $ but please e-mail first!
Wholesale: Please inquire

RIVER CITY TANLINES from Memphis shouldn't need any presentation. Members from Lost Sounds and the Tennessee Tearjerkers tear it up. One original and one re-worked cover of the Back From the Grave classic "She Said Yes" by the Painted Ship.
500 copies on black vinyl, 100 copies on red see-thru vinyl.

ORIGINAL THREE is Ian from the Black Lips and his co-horts outta Memphis. Their coolest and best stuff to date. For fans on Persuaders, Lost Sounds, Black Lips.
400 copies on black vinyl, 100 copies on clear see-thru vinyl. 

CHEAP THRILLS from Florida thrilled with their selfreleased debut split with the Nervous Habits. Here's four more punkers in the vein of Aussie meets Rip Off punkrock.
400 copies on black vinyl, 100 copies on blue see thru vinyl.

THE FORBIDDEN TIGERS outta Nebraska is basically Brimstone Howl but they've gone rawer than hell and turned it all the way over to primitive. Imagine the Black Lips teaming up with Oblivians.
400 copies on black vinyl, 100 copies on orange see-thru vinyl.

Postage (worldwide) 1 copy - € 2.50
2-3 copies - € 5.00
4-7 copies - € 8.50
8-15 copies - € 16.00
Please get in touch for bigger orders or with any questions!

Associated time: Thursday January 1 17 2008 13:00
Last update: Friday February 1 11 2011 12:02

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