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Veni Vidi Vici / Buried Alive 7”

Another single off their great “Good Bad Not Evil” album. Necessary to get for the unreleased and great “Buried Alive”. They’ve been playing this song live for a while now and it’s recorded at the album sessions which I think spawned up to 22 new songs. So I guess there’s gonna be a few more singles off the album with unreleased b-sides. I like it!

Vice Records


Spoiled Brat 7”

Jeff Novak (formerly of his own one man band) gets a band. And a fucking great one it is. Trashy Rip Off style punkrock. Since Rip Off isn’t around they end up on In the Red (upcoming fullenght). Three short blasts of punkrock that aren’t too fast, just great. This one’s definite keeper so be on the lookout for it.

Sweet Rot Records


Six Feet Under the Mason Dixon Line 7”

High energy, guitar wailing noveltyband outta New York somewhere. Pretty funny and entertaining. Somehow mixing hardrock guitars with garagesounds, and organ, male and female vocals and catchy songs. The novelty act lies in the horror schtick. Always kinda fun and seemingly impossible to drain for inspiration. I’m thinking this sounds a whole lot of Misfits and Roky Erickson. Okay, but way to hardrocking.


Go Ape! Records


Nous Sommes Les Elektras 7”

Pretty cool garage outta Germany. Two girls and a masked drummer doing trashed out Mummies/Headcoats style garagerock. Stomping songs and a cool sound. Nothing complex or innovative. Just plain and simple fun. Makes me think of Finland’s Micragirls but trashier.

Bachelor Records


S/t 7”

Featuring Memphis Mike of Passout recordstore (Brooklyn) and Compulsive Gamblers fame. Fast punkrock with female vocals, more punk than rock. But hearing this kinda band with just two members is pretty fun. Better than most of this stuff that I hear. If you’re into punk like Regulations, Vicious etc then this is for you.

Put On Records


Deuteronomy LP

The Intelligence gets better and better, raising the IQ of everyone that listens. More garage than their contemporaries in the A-Frames makes me think that the Intelligence is the best of the batch of the machine-style wave. This one’s great throughout with some real hits scattered here and there.

In The Red Records


Blue black hair 7”

Pretty nice sounding midwest surf rock & roll. Hot on the heels of the Surfin’ Bird craze of course. Pretty cool but not to die for. Four rockin’ dittys recorded at the cool Gaity studios (Sonics). 

Norton Records


Death in Jerusalem 7”

Floridaband trashing out a cover of “the Witch” and hating the sun. Lots of hate going on here. I’m thinking these guys would fit right in with bands like Tractor Sex Fatality or on Big Neck Records. Noisy, punky, a bit arty. Pretty okay. Muddy recordings bring it down a bit though. 

Bony Orbit Records


You Make Me Drool 7”

Old school garagerock. Simple, catchy, funny. Kinda like Supercharger or the Mummies in that charming way. Or the Fe Fi Fo Fums for that matter.. Just two guitars and drums, and of course I dig it. Songs could’ve been stronger but the whole package really works really well. Missing the budgetrock days? Pick this up.

Discos Chango


Gathered in the Graveyard LP

Rich Crook (Lost Sounds, Knaughty Knights) really deserves your attention. Being unbelievably prolific (two lps and two, or is it three singles last year) and keeping up this kinda quality. Whoa, just go get some of this and you’ll know what I’m saying. This is extremely catchy punkrock with nice little melodies that just catches on straight away. I jst can’t see anybody into rock & roll not liking this. Live it got a bit to guitarheavy but the production and sheer drive of these recordings just floor me. This one’s mixed and mastered by Jay Reatard so just turn it up and enjoy.

Red Lounge Records


Don’t Give Up 7”

Cool re-issue of their first ever single from 1979. Two cool stompers that easily rank among the best they’ve done. Really nice recordings. Of course you’ll find these on the “On Fire” and “Lyres Lyres” lps. But it’s a cool li’l fortyfive.

Dirty Water Records


Lucy’s Fur 7”

I liked one of the songs off their Get Hip album. Kind of a garagerock version of the Reigning Sound. But this, this is some kind of hard rock. Pretty disgusting. Sounds like Bon Jovi to me.

Human Bretzel Records


Pic Disc LP

Electro-fied Jay Reatard. Sounding more like the Lost Sounds than his latest solostuff but as always equally great songwriting and production. Don’t like this as much as his other new stuff, but it’s really cool anyway. I wish this is what popular electro-stuff sounded like on the radio. But hey, only Jay can do this stuff this great! I just wish it was with guitars instead of synthesizers. But hey, I can take it. Fucking great LP.

FDH Records


Get your Mind off me 7”

Best stuff I’ve heard from these guys. Titletrack is really stomping and should appeal to all Reigning Sound fans out there. A bit too fast maybe but it sure is stomping.

Alien Snatch Records


The Death of Garage Rock 7”

Insane discovery straight outta 1967. The recording bearing a pricetag of a whopping 17 cents! And it sounds like it too. More fun and insanity than this is hard to imagine. Must be heard to be believed. The death of garage rock is really here.

Norton Records



Really cool comp of great r&b. Don’t recognize a name, maybe this isn’t obscure stuff for the collectors but even for them this comp should be a winner. Great sound and some kickass stuff, like “How Wild Can a Woman be” by Harold “Thunderbird” Ward and The Jimmy Hill Combo. Excellent! I love this shit!

Hussard Records



The love for the Cosmic Psychos is overwhelming on these releases. Haven’t heard of most bands on here. But I do like me some Cosmic Psychos. I always liked how they were never hardrock but some of the bands on here doesn’t seem to agree with me as they sound like real hardrockbands covering the Psychos. But the love is there. You know what you get.

Dull City Records


Rolling Stones tribute series

Everybody loves the Stones, almost impossible not too..and I agree that some of these singles sound fun on paper but in reality they seem more like just a waste of time since these bands usually do much better stuff on their own. Same here, KK and BBQ do “Flight 505” and it never really takes off, while still being a nice song. The Flakes do “Stupid girl”in a kinda fun take and really energetic. Okay, I’d only recommend you get this if you’re a completist of any of the bands

Norton Records

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